Sunday, Nov 17, 2013, 07:04:41

Japan pins hope on new U.S. Ambassador Kennedy

We have a number of ideas how Caroline Kennedy can become "a new bridge between the two allies" , Japan and USA. If she wants to run her new office in Tokyo in the spirit of her father, who during his visit to West Berlin in 1963 stated the immortal words "ich bin ein Berliner" she could visit Yasukuni Jinja . She does not have to say わたくし日本人です。Instead she cold lay a wreath for all the war-dead and observe a minute silence. Such a honorable and brave act would work wonders in the most important bilateral relation in the world and be in the spirit of mutual respect. We have some  additional free advice for her, but will wait with them and see how she does until end of 2013.



Gabor Fabricius


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