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Joshua "Jake" Adelstein the "Yakuza expert".

The other day, BBC comented on the alleged scandal of some japanese banks making loans to oganized crime, called yakuza in japanese.  The BBC reporter called a Mr Adelstein who suppozedly is an authority on the subject. According to Jake Adelstein the Yakuza is an everyday, integral , accepted, natural part of japanese life. This came as a surprize for me, since I, during my forty years of living, working, night-lifing-partying all over the Japanese archipelago, from Susukino to Shimonoseki and from Roppongi to Rumoi never had the plesure or displesure of any dealings with any Yakuza. Additionally we have never heard about any Mr Adelstein yakuza-expert so we looked up who he might be. Accordin to Wikipedia and obvously written by himself he is in the category of:

American crime reporters


On top of that his CV :

In 1992, Adelstein successfully applied for a job at the Yomiuri Shinbun, through the standard process of entrance exams and interviews. Adelstein claims he is the first American citizen to work as a Japanese language reporter for a Japanese newspaper.

Adelstein began work in 1993 in Saitama Prefecture and claims that by the end of that year, he was covering organized crime. In 1999, the newspaper relocated him to Tokyo, to cover the Kabukicho district in particular.He covered events such as the disappearance of Lucie Blackman, liaising with her father and ultimately breaking to him the news of her death. He also investigated human trafficking. Adelstein claims that one such investigation resulted in the murder of an unidentified prostitute.

In 2005, Adelstein found online evidence that an alleged crime boss named Tadamasa Goto had received a liver transplant in the United States. He was interested in the information as Goto was known to the US authorities and, Adelstein believed, could only have entered the US covertly or through bribery. Adelstein says that he was then threatened by Goto’s enforcers and consequently quit the Yomiuri Shinbun.

Adelstein briefly returned to the US with his family with a plan on entering law school. He later returned to Japan as an investigator for a State Department–sponsored investigation of human trafficking in Japan. He resumed investigation of the story of Goto's liver transplant with the view to writing a book and eventually discovered that Goto had made a deal with the FBI to arrange entry to the US in return for intelligence on the Japanese mafia. Adelstein first wrote about the story three years later in an article for The Washington Post. He was interviewed in a 2009 CBS documentary about the yakuza and in a program by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in August 2010. In 2009, he published the memoir Tokyo Vice. Following this, he co-wrote the screenplay for the movie withAnthony Mandler. The film is expected to begin filming in Tokyo in early 2014, with Daniel Radcliffe to play Adelstein.

If that is not enogh to impress anybody his bibliography:

 Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan. New York: Pantheon Books. 2009. 

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It is elementery that all Adelstein claims are totally rediculous and his illusionary yakuza world has nothing to do with reality and only serve to feed empty "news-space" whenever ABC, BBC, CNN have nothing real to " japan-expose" to their more or less moron audience.

It is never the less very fitting, that Daniel Radcliffe will play the  Adelstein hero in an upcoming film supposed  to be shot in Tokyo in early 2014, since the story is just as far from reality as the Harry Potter adventure.

We think that Adelstein should have stayed home in Missouri telling his gaijin-gringo fatasy stories to the local "show me" rednecks, married a local miss Missouri istead of polluting the life of unlucky Sunao.

Adios gaijin-gringo Adelstein;  hope the Yakuza open a branch in Missouri soon so one can get some decent food there too.


Gabor Fabricius




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