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China’s contribution to Japan’s defeat.

This Yonjuzuri-sensen, alias Jeff Kingston review of the book China`s War with Japan, by Rana Mitter is nothing more than his relentless
ambition to become somebody in China, licking his way to the new nationalistic corridors in the China-history -intelligensia.

First of all ; Jeff kingston`s analysis of the history and thus the book is full of unfounded postulates and false statements, hateful branding, and repetitions of primitive hate-history manufacturing   like;

"Despite the prolonged onslaught of Japan’s modern military machine for eight long years, a divided China, mostly on its own, put up a heroic fight against steep odds."
USA and others was helping Chiang`s and his US-born wife and cronies  fascistic, corrupt -gangster regime with hundreds of millions dollars from the beginning of the conflict. Us pilots and later Soviet pilots were recruited from these "neutral countries" already in 1939
and US pilots fighting for Chiang were paid twice of what they were paid in America.  
"He presents a relatively sympathetic account of the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek, the generalissimo who led Chinese resistance, pointing out that his forces did much more of the fighting than Mao Zedong’s Communists."
"Perhaps one of the most devastating episodes was when Chiang ordered the breaching of dikes that held back the Yellow River. The deliberate flooding of vast stretches of Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu in 1938 was aimed at slowing the Japanese advance and was done without warning to preserve the element of surprise. Some half a million Chinese died in the deluge and another 4 million were displaced from their homes."
It is directly false to present a sympathetic account of Chiang Kai-shek and his gangster lead nationalist Nazi-equipt corrupt army
which never won any battle and were robbing looting and raping the Chinese peasants. In fact many Chinese in the provinces preferred the  Japanese occupation which at least was disciplined and respected private property.
"Nationalists laid the foundation for a modern welfare state by providing food for millions of refugees while improving health care and sanitation"
Wrong. Even the multi million dollar American help never reached the population, disappearing in various pockets and even Chiang´s own mostly illiterate  soldiers were starving and constantly deserting by the thousands.
Both Mr Rana Mitter of Oxford Univ. and Jeff Kingston of Temple sunday school  and everybody else at Japan Times should read the book Chiang Kai-Shek written by Jonathan Fenby and find out that Chiang killed many more Chinese that the Japanese army.
Gabor Fabricius


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