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Japanese women and the summer chill — a love story by Kaori Shoji special for Japan Times

It is elementery that this love story is written for Japan Times since no other paper would publish Kaorichan´s rather overemancipated, californniacentric observations. Her  shallow and boaringly ordinary writing is pointless.















It is what we can read between the lines that is a bit interesting. Namely: This allegedly Japanese wife Miho, with her Californian personal trainer have ceased to be a Japanese girl, a fate ( Yankee Whitewash ) that awaits almost all Japanese girls unfortunate enough to end up in US or even Europe. The only Japanese left in Miho is that she still likes to take a hot bath every day alone, a もろ-Japanese habit that her American husband , Matt, does not and will not understand. It is furthermore typical of this new American couple and their limited horisont and fantasy that they got married in Hawai, the most dasai (ださい) and suburbanly plebeian place in the world where the original culture and population have been exterminated long ago by relentless californication.

They could have married in Taj Mahal or Firenze ,  Al Hambra or Yellow Knife, Iceland or Casablanka, Cusco or Ceylon , Jokkmokk or Lumbini. 

What ignorance.




Gabor Fabricius


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