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Stand up to Abe for the sake of Japan, Asia’s future by a Mr Assogba

Japan Times has outdone itself again by publishing another article/opinion of a colorful english teacher clown, by the name of Joel Assogba. We checked his internet self introduction and we learned he is " an African-Canadian-Japanese, with the spirit and soul of a world citizen. He ran a language school “Queen’s,” where he taught English and French for 17 years. He is also a writer-illustrator and a passionate public speaker. He has published many trilingual books (Japanese / English / French) and articles in Japan’s main newspapers (Yomiuri, Asahi and Mainichi.) He is a regular contributor to The Japan Times ST. Author of five popular illustrated books; "The Rainbow’s Kids," "Wind of Freedom," "What Color are Burdocks," "I’m not a Foreigner," and "Respect for Life." 

Wow-wow -wow. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Additionally and allegedly he speaks Japanese, English, French, Ewe, Mina, Ife.

Reading his "Stand up to Abe " article, it is nevertheless obvious that he knows absolutely nothing about history and that the only difference between him and the other happa-smoking, Neanderthal english teachers turned Japan Times writers is the color of his skin.

Just like all the rest of these "Japan experts" he refers to Asia as if it was some kind of collective home of similar peoples and nations. It is due time that they all grasp that Asia, just like Africa is only a geographical concept stretching from the Ural mountains to Ueno station and not a racial let alone cultural entity. It is elementary, that the difference between the former Spanish - American colony Philippines named after Spanish king Philip, and Imperial Nippon both located in Asia, is just as great as the difference between former Dutch-British colony South Africa and the kingdom of Morocco both in geographical Africa. Even the opinion of Asia being some sort of racial-cultural unity is ridiculous, since the difference between an Asian Bengali Hindu farmer and a Japanese Asakusa yakitoria, is greater than the difference between a Kalahari Bushman and a Liberian investment banker.......

Camouflaged as peace messages the Emirente Salamanda Assogba writings are full of superficial, infantile shallow and misleading statements like "tremendous number of Asians went through unspeakable hardships during the Pacific War" (not if we compare to the hardships before the war), "the majority of Japanese citizens don’t seem to think like this as they are not speaking out loudly against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe", "Abe’s attempt to whitewash the history of Japanese cruelty in Asia." (it is the former colonialist powers that are trying to smear Japans successful liberation of Asia), "the teaching that Chinese were chankoro, or subhuman," (originally the word "支那" was used neutrally in both Chinese and Japanese and only became negative during the war just like jink , kraut, charley , hun, roske, nigger, itako, ameko, kurombo, zurumanian,borogarian, komoriyaro...etc,etc.etc), "It is indeed an irony — perhaps even a tragedy — that the Japanese, while possessing Asia’s most developed economy, should at the same time be among its psychologically most parochial peoples." ( this statement is idiotic since PAROCHIAL means a school that provides religious education in addition to conventional education. In a narrower sense, a parochial school is a Christian grammar school or high school which is part of, and run by, a parish.

Not like the Christian world and USA the Japanese are exactly the opposite of parochial. The Japanese are far more liberal, broad-minded, progressive, guestfree , welcoming and adapting than the british, french,russians, serbs, americans, israelis, saudis, not to mention ugandan christians or muslims...the list is endless.)

We think peace-crusader Emirente Salamanda Assogba should stay home in Canada, keep dreaming about "A stable Asian cultural melting pot built on warm relations with their fellow peoples thus fundamental to Japan’s well-being." and that Japan Times should stop printing his afro-christian-french-fag bull..t.

By Gabor Fabricius


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