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Japan Times' Kaori Shoji getting 'gaijin-gringo' fever over 'yellow fever'.


In her latest, erotic-article experiment, she is trying to analyze the white man spiritual malady and the symptoms of a phenomenon she christened "yellow fever". We have heard about the medical terms black water fever, spanish fever, yellow fever, but never about an erotic related fever except for jungle fever. It must be a new American import like calling Asian girls "yellow cab" in New York. In spite of quoting and referring to a number of individual cases and persons, from Lafcadio Hearn , John Lennon, Pete Rose but not mentioning Woody Allen marrying his adapted Korean daughter, it is a mystery what she is trying to say. According to a certain "bicultural professional " (whatever that is…a women that have experience with men of only two races?)


Anne Ishii this "yellow fewer is both the white man's burden and a fetish". Another "bicultural professional "( jokingly called "kompachi" by japanese), 42 years old Mika, happy with her 2'nd US-gaijin husband, says that "being submissive gets women nowhere" and all men want intelligent, self-assertive women with plenty of sense".

We have already established beyond reasonable doubt, that Kaori Shoji is suffering from America-induced identity disorder, hence her racist approach to the christian-gringo primitive fascination, obsession and discrimination of the sexuality of other cultures. She is confusing modesty with submissiveness, politeness with lack of ambition, compassion with stupidity, femininity with weakness, masculinity with domination, traditional buddhist erotic emancipation with white slavery, casual sex with lewd conduct and finally…………..racial conclusions of white and yellow since the sexual, erotic, culture in Europe is totally different and diversified from that of "born again christian USA". Finally we would like an explanation of what she means with " that it's about time the tables were turned" ??? That japanese men should get white fever or japanese women should get lesbian-gringo fever? Or that every time we enter a love hotel to "rest" , we should say a Hail Mary? One thing is sure no matter what. I will never suffer from "anglo saxon, depigmented, neanderthal turned kompachi-Kaori/Mika fever" and that is comforting and reassuring .

By Gabor Fabricius P.S.

Maybe the US educated kompachi-girls could enlighten Japan Times' christian readers a bit and explain, why these rocks, called Meotoiwa in Mihonosaki, Shimane, are considered devine by the local farmers and fishermen. Shimane, Mihonoseki, Meotoiwa.JPG Shimane, Mihonoseki, Meotoiwa2.JPG


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