Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013, 17:17:03

Pope Benedict XVI the humble servant in Gods vineyard, and his abdication.

2000 years of history confirms that nothing ever happens in the Vatican top management unless it is carefully planned and meticulously calculated.

This radical reform of the Catholic hierarchy, could only have been executed by a german Pope, known in Rome as Paparazzi. His message to Cardinals, Bishops and all Catholic soul- sheppards is........ anybody from today on may loose their job, livelihood and money -resources, especially if they go to male-female kid prostitution.

Only a German top CEO could have done this.

From the Goods year of 1. March 2013, any Catholic living in, with, of, or dependance of the billions dollars in Vatican assets worldwide, will be eligible to be fired immediately, and they will be hard up to find any job outside those walls.

Well done Paparazzi.

It was due, that the Vatican CEO becomes Chairman just like in all other major global organizations .

By Gabor Fabricius


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