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"Bully Ishihara wants one last stand", Japan Times by Debito Arudou

Publishing the opinions of this dumb but ambitious depigmented US Neanderthal turned Japanese citizen is degrading to the readers of J.T. He is like a spoiled silly kid trying to get attention by flashing his penis at granddaddy`s birthday dinner party.

Actually he ends up showing his real self and IQ- level by his vocabulary branding Ishihara and Japan: conservative reactionaries, xenophobes, hate-mongering racist bigot, right-wing denials, Nanjing Massacre, comfort women, criminals due to their "ethnic DNA," painting grotesque caricatures of foreigners, bigoted outbursts, sloganeering milquetoast politicians, charismatic bullies picking on people, fool, self-legitimizing bully-pulpit, convert Tokyo into "a police city", far rightward Japan, xenophobic public policies, this man's history of hate-mongering, agenda of remilitarizing Japan, fascist past, threat postmodern Japan is to stability in Asia, hubris and addiction to power, self-affirming sound chambers surrounded by sycophants, megalomaniacs, elite ruling class, twit........etc. etc.

At some stage Arudou-kun almost describes his real self: He chooses his targets wisely. He never goes after the majority (who might vote him out). Good at sensing the weak minority voice behind any issue, he makes himself appear powerful at their expense — especially when he targets foreigners, who can't vote anyway. If Arudou would write and behave like he does here in US, UK, France, Russia, not to mention the Muslim world, he would never be published, or if yes ..he would have an accident.

Reading his writings, one actually starts hoping that Japan, which has never been nearly as fascist and racist as USA, The British Empire or Germany or for that sake the whole western christian world, becomes a dictatorship for a few days just like Arudou-kun predicts, so the immigration can kick him back to America where he belongs.

Unfortunately even this will not solve the problem for Japan Times´ readers as long as Snow Queen Ogasawara is at the helm. She will probably find a gaijin-gringo writer of a similar caliber.

By Gabor Fabricius


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