Sunday, Sep 23, 2012, 13:06:12

Yonjuzuri-sesei, alias Jeff Kingston from Temple Sunday school and his mizu shobai Filipinas.

There are tree issues in Kingston-kuns article in Japan Times about the book "Illict Flirtations" by R. Parrenas, critical of Japanese handling of legal and illegal Filipino "entertainers", that we do not understand.

Firstly of course, why Japan Times keep publishing Jeff Kingston´s observations. Secondly why Stanford University Press is publishing Miss Parrenas meaningless writings and finally why we are left in the dark about her religious convictions. Being a Filipino there are two possibilities, Catholic or Muslim.

Assuming , on the bases of statistics in Europe, that Miss Parrenas was born a Christian, since almost none of the Filipino "sex traffic commuters" from Stockholm to Singapoore are muslim, we understand that Christian Temple University´s Christian Kingston -sensei is worried about Non-Christian Japanese treatment of "flesh-selling, poor, unfortunate, exploited, innocent, believing, illicit, good, Christian Filipinas".

Keep worrying Kingston sensei, those girls will keep coming to Japan for the next decades legally or illegally no matter what.

You see relative to anywhere in Europe ( except for Switzerland), USA or Middle East, their life and occupation is by far better, more profitable, cleaner and more human in Japan. Apart from being born Christian those girls are not stupid but very pragmatic no matter what Jeff Kingston or Rhacel Parrenas wants us to believe.

By Gabor Fabricius


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