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From Judo to Olympic-ryu.

Watching the London 2012 Olympic Judo, one does not have to be an expert in the martial art form to establish, that Kano-sensei´s Kodokan Judo has detoriated to a farce, or more precisely a ridiculous multinational kind of prowrestling/boxing/weightlifting with suspicious elements of greco roman-russian-sambo.

Kano sensei, who attended every Olympic since the fifth Olympiad in Stockholm as well as every International Olympic Committee meeting becoming a leading figure in international sport must be turning in his grave.

All the original, vital, unique, essential, elegant, refined, noble elements of his Kodokan Judo has vanished in the international Olympic rat- and money race.

Additionally the Olympic Judo Judges are totally unqualified , blind or obviously corrupt. In the quarterfinal of the men's under-66-kilogram division, South Korean Cho Jun-ho was initially declared the winner over Masashi Ebinuma of Japan. The two judokas remained tied after five minutes plus an extra period of three minutes, and the stalemate put the decision in the hands of judges. A referee and two judges at London's ExCeL Arena all raised their blue flags to indicate Cho's victory but then the International Judo Federation (IJF) intervened.

Juan Carlos Barcos, referees director, spoke with IJF chief Marius Vizer and later the judges, who then overturned the result to hand the match to Ebinuma.

According to the IJF, the occasion marked the first time a referee and judges have been overruled on a flag decision.

To ensure transparent officiating, video replay has been put in use in judo for the first time at the Olympics here.

The crowd hadn't been too happy with Cho's victory in the first place and booed the initial call. During golden score, or sudden death extra period, the IJF's referees commission overturned the judges' awarding of a winning score for Ebinuma. South Korean officials, including Kim Jung-haeng, head of Korea Judo Association, appealed, but to no avail.

Kang Dong-young, secretary general of the association, said he was flabbergasted with the decision. "The judges on the field of play have the sole discretion to hand down decisions," he said. "It makes no sense that they did a video review of a flag decision reached by three judges. This is an infringement of judges' authority." The truth is that, watching the quarterfinal, anybody who has the slightest knowledge of judo, must have been shocked to see the initial blue flag-raising, since it was obvious that Ebinuma is an exponentially better judoist than Cho.

Furthermore: The gold medal to PRK An Kum Ae must be an the account that she reached the finals without performing even a shadow of a real judo-waza-throw, her feet solidly rooted in the tatami ground.

Even more mysterious was the ippon victory of Russian Galstyan in the final with Japans Hiraoka, when the judges, upon a suspect discussion transformed a very questionable wazari to full ippon. It may well be that Putin, being a judoka him self, watching the bout in Moscow, called somebody on his mobile.

One must wonder how deep the Olympics can sink.
Upon watching the whole "spiel" we think that Japanese Judo Federation should consider suspending participation in the olympics and rename the whole thing Olympic-ryudo.

The only, almost decent judo gold medal so far, was won by Shavdatuashvili of Georgia.

By Gabor Fabricius


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