Tuesday, Mar 06, 2012, 21:36:31

Japan's revolving door /by Senzuri Sensei Gringo Gaijin, Arudou.

Does this moron hold stocks in J.T. since they publish his more or less imbecile comments and observations.
It is obvious that he needs to see a shrink or go to a mental hospital in the US or a gringo compound in Mexico.
Or maybe he just needs a good beating from a few Afghans. From a cosmopolitan view point his writings are worthless.
The fact is. 
Immigration is an essential part of America but not of Japan as well as a lot of other nations that have brains of their own. It is only America that needs a constant inflow of creative brainpower from outside to keep up, like e.g. the Jewish-Russian Google creator a few years ago.

Yokohama therefore does not have an arrogant Liberty Goddess breathing down your back, asking millions of idiots and a few geniouses to swear in to something they hardly understand.

Arudou kun.........I can not resist teaching you a little Hungarian slang.....please check the meaning if you do not understand:

A lofasz a seggedbe.

By Gabor Fabricius


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