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Japanglish sensei Michael Hoffmans observations.

270px-Entomolonooky.jpg His latest pseudo intellectual analysis concerning his favorite subject, sex life in Japan borders the infantile. He kind of hints that Japanese women like men with income and secure livelihood. A fact that even an analphabet Hottentot teenage girl knows is not unique to Japan but have been an integral part of choosing the male since the stone age. It is only galactically stupid American and British girls that try to claim different. Among the Eskimos the best hunter/ meat-provider was always selected to father children by all females. You see Michael, most girls are born to know about the whats and ifs of sex, otherwise they may end up getting shagged pregnant by an alcoholic idiot or even worse, a pot smoking gaijin/gringo english teacher. The males have to learn about sex by doing, which means the more you do, the better and more you get, having a supply of limitless genetic reproduction seeds. At least several thousand times more than women, which , as Michael may know, is once a month for a few hours.

As for Japanese girls preferring Chinese men Japan Times should publish some photos since it is very possible that they are all so ugly that no Japanese male would consider appearing with them in public unless of course her father is a billionaire. In that respect yes; the gaijin/gringo/asians always got the bottom of the girl-barrel in Japan.

For the purposes of improving his sex-awareness, we suggest that Michael should read "Don't Bang Denmark: How To Sleep With Danish Women In Denmark (If You Must) by Roosh V. It turns out that they are even more terribly masculine creatures than American girls and that there is rational reason that so many american boys prefer a Freddy Fag or a Garry Gay. Reading it I thanked Heaven that I have been living in Japan most of my adult life.

Unfortunately Hoffman does not limit his writings to "Japanese ero-guro-nansensu". On the contrary, Japan Times often publishes other topics by his word processor. Not less than 50 since Feb. 2011 and already 7 in 2012. We read just one and concluded that the human resources reporter-pool must be very limited at Japan Times since they have him write about "the other side of the worst battle in world history" analyzing a book by one of the surviving Japanese officers.

It is The Iwo Jima Memoirs of Major Yoshitaka Horie.

As I wrote in my book Zen in War, Iwo Jima was nothing less than a milestone in military history. First of all it was the first time that such a small and insignificant island had cost such high number of casuelties on both sides and the US losses outnumbered Japanese.

It is a fact that conventional bombing of Japan could be launched from Saipan and Tinian. The real reason for the unconditional American commitment to take Iwo Jima in the middle of nowhere and at all costs was "the device". In a top secret decision already mid 1944 the island was designated as the only emergency landing point for the B-29 delivering the atomic bombs, destination major Japanese population centers to be selected later with Kyoto topping the list. Of course the defenders did not know this but their stubborn and selfless fighting spirit had other reasons; among them General Kuribayashi's leadership, and the new Japanese strategy being well organized, invulnerable underground defense systems against overwhelming enemy air superiority and heavy artillery/naval power.

This new military strategy further perfected in the battle of Okinawa was, together with bicycle supply troops in Jungle warfare conceived by the Japanese in Malaysia, adapted and mercilessly applied in Indochina by the Vietnamese, thus ending US military presence in most of Asia by 1975.

Unfortunately Michael Hoffman understands just as little about history as about shagging let alone Japanese women.

As General Patton said when commenting on news-reporters. " Those guys don't know any more about real fighting under fire than they know about fucking!"

By Gabor Fabricius


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