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From Dollarphin to Dolphin Crusader

"Homphrey Bogard" of maritime mammals, Rick O'Barry, former "Flipper-godfather", is on the warpath having declared war on the tiny Japanese fishing village Taiji, Wakayama, population 4000 souls, because a few fishermen there, once a year, are keeping up their centuries old tradition of harvesting about 1500 dolphins out of an estimated North Pacific bottlenose dolphin population of 560,000 (U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) surveys). It is elementary that "Flipper-Rick" have made several times more profit out of tormenting dolphins to death, in training them to play "aquatic Lassie", than the Taiji fishermen will make in a hundred years, and that he now, turned non-profit dolphin freedom-fighter celebrity, is enjoying the company of young swimsuit volunteer-girls, Japan-bashing his way to the headlines.

We think that he is a very smart Florida-Gringo, commanding "flawless integrity". However.

Given the fact that dolphins tend to approach human divers sexually, with male dolphins displaying their impressive organs, and some female divers excitingly "giving a hand", we would like to know the nature of Rick's emotional and physical relationship with dolphin-actress Kathy.

That may help to explain her suicide.

As for the Taiji fishermen they should keep up their spirits and take the whole Hollywood sarushibai humorously and start collecting money for the erection of a Rick-Kathy statue in the harbor in gratitude for putting Taiji on the world map.

By Gabor Fabricius



For the record. We believe several times more whales and dolphins are hurt and killed by US naval activity on the high seas, than by combined Japanese, Danish (Faroe Islands), Icelandic and Norwegian harvesting.


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