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Epic on Taiwan

It is infallible.

Every time Japan Times airs observations about Japan-China or Japan-other Asian nation relations and events, Japan is the villain and all others heroic victims. Often the Japan-bashing sarushibai is camuflaged as "cultural/historic analysis" like recently, calling the new film by Wei Tesheng "epic".

We are fed up with Japan Times.

But for the record and decency of the Formosans it is a historical fact that Taiwan benefited immensely from progressive Japanese rule and suffered unprecedentedly under Kuomintang nationalist terror.

In spite of the fact, that the Taiwanese-Formosan culture and identity was purpousfully erradicated and destroyed, Wei Tesheng's film is just a recent experimental hogwash trying to window dress half a century of Nationalist Chinese ethnic clensing. And now, that almost all Formosan languages and culture has been terrorised to extinction we are supposed to be impressed that the indigenous hero in Wei's film, fighting and decapetating Japanese, is allowed to speak in his mother tongue.

What hypocritical bull...........t.

The editor in Japan Times should read the book "Formosa Betrayed" by George H. Kerr.

The thruth is, that any honest Formosan facing the past sincerely, should come to Tokyo and visit Yasukuni respectfully and in awe, recalling being Japanese subjects, able to freely speak their mind in their native languages, living their original ethnic Formosan cultures.

Formosan ethic map before Nationalist Chinese terror: Formosan_languages.jpg


By Gabor Fabricius


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