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The Japanologist Gomasuri Club

Only in America:
You open a Baptist Sunday School by collecting funds from simple Pennsylvanian peasants and call it Temple University gaining access to public funds, and then a mere 90 years later have the unmitigated gall to franchising in places like London, Rome and Tokyo, cities and countries that had real universities already in 1088 (Bologna) and 1096(Oxford) ; by 1499 There were more than 40 Universities in Europe; I do not know in Japan, but if anybody in Europe came along as a graduate from or professor at a certain "Temple University" of London, Rome or Tokyo it would be hard not to smile and say: Oh! The McTemple School.

We therefor understand that Jeff Kingston likes to hang around in Japan instead of US or Europe. Here the Japanese students out of politeness call him Sensei with capital S. As we know Yonjuzuri Sensei is not only teaching at McTemple in Tokyo but he also writes articles about Asian Studies (history) and introductions to works by other Japanologists around the world.

On the McTemple webpage: "Professor Kingston's op-eds and book reviews appear in the International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Japan Times and Bangkok Post. The BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, CBS, ABC, Time, Newsweek, AFP, AP, NHK, Asahi Shimbun, Voice of America and other media organizations interview him frequently."

If that's not enough for you.....

"He is currently researching the public discourse, anxieties and agendas involving the demographic time bomb and what this means in terms of families, working women, the elderly and foreign workers. He has recently published articles on the political economy of public works in Japan, compensation for colonial lepers, Uighurs in China, terrorists in Kyrgyzstan, and justice and reconciliation in East Timor."

Reading one of his reviews, Power play in the Far East, where he is commenting on a work by Marie Söderberg, a Swede at the European Institute of Japanese Studies (EIJS), it is transparent that Yonjuzuri sensei is in the process of creating a Japanologist-Asian-Studies Global Gomasuri Club, hoping that he someday shall rotate into a cosy Euro-financed position. There is nothing better than a pension from EIJS........

"The mission of the European Institute of Japanese Studies (EIJS) is to serve as a major centre for research on the economies and societies of Japan and East Asia, with particular emphasis on issues which impact Europe. Established in Stockholm in September 1992 through an endowment of funds from Swedish and Japanese businesses and the Swedish government, EIJS operates independently of economic and political interest groups as an autonomous research centre within the Stockholm School of Economics."

Good luck Jeff. We do recommend that you start learning Swedish.
Becoming a Renaissance human , mastering dielactical reasoning, restoring the classical Hellenic/Roman concept of secular polytheistic / multicultural universal concept of Socrates, Seneca and the Stoics and their education, is light years from the McTempel Professors's grocery store - errand boy degradation of higher education.

Personally I think that the McTemple facilities in Japan and their operators are sagishi (kanji 詐欺師, hiragana さぎし.)
Like the tailors from The Emperor's New Clothes.

My personel opinion is that all Japanese students should start legal action to get their money back

By Gabor Fabricius


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