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CNN interview with Verbal

The other day there was an interview on CNN news with a certain Mr Verbal (Ryu Yeong-gi (류영기), a successfull Japanese artist/musician . Loving good music but being totally ignorant of MTV sponcered hip-hop-metal-marihuana-crack-induced so called " pops" we did not know who Mr Verbal turned Terayaki Boys was.

From CNN we learned that Verbal-kun is a third generation Japan born Christian Korean who suffered all his life of discrimination, abuse, neglect, denied basic human rights, having no chance of any normal career opportunity in japanese society, sidelined by japanese racism toward all humans especially those of Korean descent. Put that in your pipe and smoke it folks.

Poor Koreans. It is now obvious that Korean national salvation rests within christianity , and now that forty percent of South Koreans have converted to christianity since the 1970's, there is light in the end of the Korean tunnel especially if one knows that even Kim Il Sung "the great " was born a christian.

It will be easy to convert all North Koreans when the time comes. They are already addicted to "One and Only Good"

The CNN interview with Mr Verbal gives the impression that all christian Koreans in Japan soon have to wear a yellow cross on their breast just like the Jewish David star in Nazi-Europe.

If so, we who have not experienced japanese racism but lots of American, European and Australian "equality" can not resist to advice Mr Verbal to go back to Boston College /YMCA and study to become a Protestant Pastor in Pyongyang hooking up with Kim Il Sung's grand child.

As for CNN we request that they undertake an interview with Mr Masayoshi Son founder, CEO and owner of SoftBank.

He may give us a bit different opinion about being Japanese of Korean descent.

Finally for the record.
We took the time and played some of Mr Verbals creations. Politely put: it is worthless. Any poor black kid from the Chicago slums can do it much much better.

By Gabor Fabricius


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