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Sorge's spy is brought in from the cold

Sorge's spy is brought in from the cold
by Edan Corkill, Japan Times

This article in Japan Times Jan. 31, 2010 is neither fish nor fowl, leaving one with a bad taste in the mouth. We understand Miyagi's devoted nice, Toshiko Tokuyama, who thinks that Uncle Yotoku was just a "yasashii ojisan" and not a traitor to be despised for contributing to incalculable death and destruction in Japan. After all, to some nieces in Europe at the time, both Hitler and Stalin were just yasashii Uncle Adolf and cosy Uncle Josef.

What we do not understand is Corkill's writings about the "small group of supporters" trying to revers history and Japan Times seemingly applauding their success at the Russian Embassy in getting a medal. If this is not just a bad joke, then all those Japanese citizens in the "small group of supporters" approving Miyagi's conduct, are potential future traitors, regardless of what, according to them, Miyagi's motivation for selling out Japan by helping Sorge, may have been. We also understand Japan Times' aussiedoodle Corkill trying to be "charitable" and help retrospectively "un-convict" Yotoku Miyagi ; he can't help being Australian.

At any rate we have to disappoint this so called journalist in the Arts and Entertainment, having a ball writing about everything from crane drivers and police boxes.

History's appraisal of Soviet spies Miyagi and Ozaki will never change. For Corkill, we do hope that he has some nieces too; just in case some day it turns out, that he got caught as a child molester, somebody will still think that he is just yasashii Uncle Ed.

By Gabor Fabricius


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