Thursday, Nov 06, 2008, 02:11:20

God forbid sumo in Japan Times by Philip Brasor.

Brasorkun's statement in Japan Times that a fixed bout is a fixed bout, regardless of whether or not somebody makes money from it as his comparing sumo with pro wrestling is ............ well, mildly put ....... idiotic.

The Gods of sumo do not speak english. They speak mongolian, turkish, uzbek, turkmen, uygur, manshu, yakut, tatar, kalmyk and even bulgar (which the bulgarians have forgotten). Japan Times and it's owner Snow Queen as Brasorkun can not understand that money can by everything except culture, history, tradition, and ........ genetics.

We suggest that Brasorkun should go back to teaching english or basketball ...... not in Japan, but in Afghanistan or Iraq.

by Gabor Fabricius


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