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JAPAN RISING by K.B. Pyle alias Tarzan of the Japes

Probing the real Japan close-up by Japan Times staff writer Edan Corkill is remarkable reading.

It is clear that Japan Times is peddling Pyle, one of the leading scholars of Japanese modern history-recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the country's modern history and his book, Japan Rising congratulating him on receiving the J.F.Award and meeting the Emperor and Empress.

We feel sorry for the Emperor and Empress having the duty to give audience to a man like Pyle let alone have to talk with him and his wife.

That said, the one Pyle-statement that among others caught our attention was that the Allied Occupation made a big mistake leaving the bureaucracy intact claiming that they are still in power today. It makes us wonder what the Japan Foundation Award people are doing wasting time and money on this Tarzan of a historian.

The truth is the exact opposite!

Sure, Corn-cob-pipe-smoking BigMac had grand plans when he stepped out of that airplane. Christianization, alphabetization, deyoshiwarazation, generalmotorization, cocacolazation,dezaibatsuzation, detodaization, deshintozation etc, etc, etc. Fortunately BigMac was fired for wanting to nuke Korea so the only reform that happend was the renaming of the Yoshiwara pleasure-houses to Turkoburo due to relenless pressure from American Women Liberation movements. Fortunately !!!

So successful everywhere else, even the Cocacolazation did not work in Japan. Today the thousands of vending machines offer oolong cha, gemmaicha, mugi cha, sokenbi cha, instead of pepsi, cola or horribile dictu, dr pepper. Not because the japanese are nationalistic about their drinks, but simply because the richness of japanese culture and tradition offers better, healthier, valuable and tastier possibilities. Perhaps academic Pyle alias Tarzan of the Japes can go back to University of Washington and do his next dissertation on what mistake it was not to illegalize tea cultivation in Japan.

by Gabor Fabricius



A few years ago, when the Iraq "liberation" went sour, George W. Bush said : We did it in Japan, we can do it in Iraq What ignorant nonsense. His advisors and history teachers must be related to Pyle.


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