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The road to Yasukuni's survival

This article by a certain Kiroku Hanai in Japan Times is only worthy of criticism because it is so obviously false and religiously biased that it is sickening.

It is elementary that Kiroku Hanai is a mentally retarded eigoya, whose writings are only published by some insignificant weblogs and...... Japan Times.

It makes us wonder. Does Japan Times actually pay him, or do they keep him on the payroll out of some special Chosen Soren pachinko fund?

Nevertheless, this Japan Times ventriloquy dummy is bending over backwards to hold Aso "personally accoutable" for any potentional Yasukuni issue hoping that: voluntary dissolution of Yasukuni......a prime minister's official visit to the shrine violates the constitution.....seriously consider building a secular facility et cetera etc. etc. As this was not enough, the dummy goes on about: Criticism of the movie "Yasukuni"..... the movie was objective....I was caught off guard, though, in one scene where an American stands beside the Star-Spangled Banner with a placard expressing support for Koizumi.....Yasukuni Shrine is moving in the direction not intended by the Occupation forces, China and South Korea.....Why is it that the U.S., which is said to have considered destroying the shrine even while the war raged, remains silent now? Is Washington now inclined to allow a resurgence of militarism in Japan?

The mental wizard of this " japanese Yasukuni Shrine rhetorical suicide bomber" laments that some US-depigmented-neanderthal-christian, did not destroy Yasukuni, and hopes that Aso will do it instead. We have to disappoint the ventriloquist and her puppet. Nobody will dare to change the status of Yasukuni and it's essential, symbolic position as the shrine of Japanese patriotism and a dignified, sombre memorial for ALL Japan's war dead.

Furthermore. The day, when japanese schoolchildren will be visiting Yasukuni just like french kids flock to the sarcophagus of Napoleon Bonaparte at Les Invalides in Paris is not far away.

by Gabor Fabricius


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