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Day of the war makers

Japan Times in todays editorial wants to introduce a new remembrance day beside Dec. 8, 1941 and Aug. 15, 1945.

We should not forget Sept. 18, 1931.

On that night 77 years ago, Japan's Kwantung Army exploded a bomb on the rails of the South Manchurian Railway, a Japanese enterprise, at Liutiaogou, just north of Mukden (now Shenyang), and blamed Chinese troops for the blast. The Kwantung Army then began military operations in Manchuria. On March 1, 1932, Manchukuo — a puppet state of the Kwantung Army — was established.

We do not want to quote the rest of the Japan Times editorial since the content borders the infantile. The word "puppet state" is almost synonymous with Manchuria. We do however remind the editor that there are puppet states other then Manchuria some even still in existence, all thou not serving their original purposes.

Cuba, Panama, Hawaii, Philippines are all originally ( Hawaii and Panama still are) US puppet states. Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania are partly defunct British/French puppet states with the objective of denying German access to the Mediterranean.

Kingdoms of Finland, Poland, Lithuania and the Duchy of Courland and Semigalia as United Baltic Duchy and Belarusian National Republic were all German puppet states (1916-1918). All peoples republics from DDR to Mongolian P.R. were USSR puppet states. At the time there were quite a few puppet states particularly in China with Chiang Kai-shek as the biggest German/US puppet and various other puppets ranging from drug traficcers to Manshu restorers:

  • Zhang Zuolin (Chang Tso-lin) —The "Mukden Tiger".
  • Zhang Xueliang (Chang Hsüeh-liang) — "Young Marshal".
  • Zhang Zongchang (Chang Tsung-ch'ang) — "The Dogmeat General".
  • Feng Yuxiang (Feng Yü-hsiang) — "The Christian General".
  • Bai Chongxi (Pai Ch'ung-hsi) — "The Muslim General".
  • Yan Xishan (Yen Hsi-shan) — "The Model Governor".
  • Wu Peifu — "The Jade Marshal".

According to US and UK the Russian recognition a few weeks ago of the self determination of two small peoples in Gruzia- Georgia are puppet states but Kosovo is not.

Obviously the term puppet state depends on which end of the stick the sleazy s.o.a.b has a hold on. US, the British and French ironically called their puppet states " Protectorates" when legal limbo was at hand. Oh yes! Since the time of the Farao's and Romans puppet states have come and gone by the thousands. Considering the tragicomic international legal state of affairs we would like to suggest the establishment of a few non puppet states.

  • Hawaiian kingdom
  • Alaskan Inuit-Tlingit-Haida Confederation.
  • Erdely-Transylvanian Federal Republic.
  • Roma-Gypsy EU Republic.
  • Tibetan Buddhist Constitutional Kingdom.
  • Uygyr republic
  • Andes-Amazon Indian Inca Democratic Federation.
  • Bask Republic
  • Lapp-Samoyed Federation.
  • The Kalmyk-Oirat -Tatar-Yakut Democratic Federation.

Both Africa, Asia has the potential of dozens of new, original languages based states.

As for the Manshu, they are all gone and their language is extinct so "to little to late."

We would also like to contemplate on the Japan Times suggested Remembrance day Sept.18, 1931
Why not be consistent and add the Remembrance days:

January 14, 1893 Overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy
July 4, 1894 Hawaii annexed to the United States
April 20, 1937 Madame Chiang Kai-Shek starting hiring US "volunteer" fighter pilots, approved by President Franklin D. Roosevelt thus bending the Neutrality Acts.
October 5, 1937 U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Quarantine Speech
February 15, 1942, British surrender and the birth of the state Singapor
February 23 1946 Execution of General Tomoyuki Yamashita.

In 1993, a joint Apology Resolution was passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton, apologizing for the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Who knows what's next? US apology for the murder of POW Tomoyuki Yamashita?

We have repeadetly asked Japan Times to refrain from presenting history on the level of a two dimensional toddler but obviously, the editorial staff belong to the majority of US high school graduates who think that the US pacific war was with Mexico and that wars are "The Good Guys and the Bad Guys". For us it is painfully stupid.

by Gabor Fabricius


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