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Asian activists slam revote on sex slave resolution

Female Asian activists on Saturday denounced a planned revote on a Philippine House of Representatives resolution that called on Japan to formally apologize for its role in forcing close to 200 Filipino women to work as sex slaves in World War II and to compensate the victims.

Activists from Taiwan, Indonesia, North and South Korea, Japan, China and the Philippines, as well as the Netherlands — all members of the International Solidarity Council for Redress of WWII Victims by Japan, or ISCR — told a news conference in Manila the move smacks of "dirty play" and buckling under pressure from Japan.

This whole retired prostitutes turned sex-slaves is really turning into a burlesque comedy worthy of Korean, Chinese and Philippino "activists".

It now turns out that only three members of the 55-member committee voted on the resolution when at least 12 are needed to make a quorum.
The resolution was "passed" by THREE members OUT OF 55. Well that's ISCR and Philippino-Korean concept of "democracy ".
It is very kind of W.C. Japan Times to inform the readers after the Japanese Embassy in Manilla called on the Philipine government's attention to this "little detail".
THREE members OUT OF 55....... ISCR coordinators are reacting with outrage.
"We protest the Japanese Embassy's meddling and intensive lobbying to kill the resolution," "We urge the lawmakers not to buckle under the Japanese pressure." .................etc, etc, etc.
THREE members OUT OF 55 and they call it a resolution.
The Japanese Embassy in Manilla is just doing their job.......... Japan Times is NOT Where were Japan Times reporters when this "resolution" was "passed"?
Nowhere........ these infantile "journalists" ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB !

We have a suggestion.

Given Japan Times deep interest in sexual activity and war crimes before and during the Pacific war we ask for detailed reporting on some related matters:
According to historian Peter Schrijvers, an estimated 10,000 Japanese women were raped by American troops during the Okinawa campaign.
Reported cases of U.S. rapes for the first 10 days of the occupation of the Kanagawa prefecture are 1,336. According to Peter Schrijvers, rape was "a general practice against Japanese women". Is this a fact ??

R. J. Rummel states that there is little information regarding the general treatment of Japanese prisoners taken by Chinese Nationalistforces during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-45). However, Chinese civilians and conscripts, as well as Japanese civilians, were maltreated by Chinese soldiers. Rummel claims that Chinese peasants "often had no less to fear from their own soldiers than they did from the Japanese. He also wrote that, in some intakes of Nationalist conscripts, 90% died from disease, starvation or violence, before they had even commenced training. Examples of war crimes committed by Chinese forces include: • in 1937 near Shanghai, the killing, torture and assault of Japanese POWs and Chinese civilians accused of collaboration, were recorded in photographs taken by Swiss businessman Tom Simmen. (In 1996, Simmen's son released the pictures, showing Nationalist Chinese soldiers involved in arbitrary executions by decapitation and shooting, as well as public torture.) image2.lg.jpg image3.lg.jpg


  •  the Tungchow Mutiny of August 1937; Chinese soldiers recruited by Japan mutinied and switched sides in Tōngzhōu, Beijing, before attacking Japanese civilians, killing 280 and raping many women. 
  •  Nationalist troops in Hubei Province, during May 1943, ordered whole towns to evacuate and then "plundered" them; any civilians who refused and/or were unable to leave, were killed.

by Gabor Fabricius


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