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Pope to recognize 188 martyrs in Japan.

Tokugawa Iemitsu was right . A visionary and a statesman.

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ROME — Pope Benedict XVI will beatify next month 188 Catholics who were martyred in various parts of Japan in the early 17th century, a Vatican diplomatic source said Saturday. So far a total of 247 people related to Japan have either been beatified or canonized including the famous 26 martyrs of Japan, including four Spaniards, one Mexican and one Portuguese, who were killed in Nagasaki in 1597.

opinion by: sal_paradise

The Tokugawa were right to ban Christianity in Japan. They knew what was going on in other Asian countries. Christianity was a cancer that needed to be cut out if they were going to create a unified Japan. The Jesuits never truly understood what the Japanese "Christians" believed and why. The last thing this country has ever needed is Christianity. Japan has done just fine throughout most of its history without it.

opinion by: jacqueshellacque

This guy named Jesus who allegedly lived 2000 years ago was the son of god, born from a virgin, who rose from the dead and floated off to heaven about a month later.I agree that they did well to reject the superstitious nonsense that passes itself off as the catholic religion. As I said earlier, beatifications are nothing more than playing to the yokels to make them forget how primitive the beliefs really are and how stultified the catholic church is.

Historically, millions of Christians and non-Christians died at the hands of the Christian church all over the world. The truth hurts.

Atheism doesn't necessarily equal amorality. There's much more morality in the Greek philosophers, much more intelligence in the writings of the great Enlightenment thinkers, much more humanity and passion in the stories of the Romanticists than there is in any Christian church. The genius of Christianity was the way it has coopted such concepts as love and forgiveness, justice and if these things never existed until some carpenter's son walked the earth. Unfortunately, as we all know, genius is amoral...and the sad results on humanity and civilization in general of 2000 years of Christianity are there for all to see.


This man and his organization was more destructive than 50 nuclear bombs

Xavier ,"Apostle to the Far East " ,canonized in 1622 , was born Francisco de Jasso y Azpilcueta in the Castle of Xavier on April 7, 1506, according to a family register.At the age of 19, Francis Xavier went to study at the University of Paris, where he received a licence ès arts in 1530.

Francis Xavier then went to Italy, gaining the approval of the Pope to found the Company of Jesus, or Jesuits as they would be called thenceforward.

Francis Xavier's work initiated permanent change in East Indonesia where in 1546-1547 he worked in the Maluku region among the people's of Ambon, Ternate and Morotai (or Moro), and laid the foundations for a permanent mission there. He went on to carry on his missionary work in Japan.

Following his depature from Maluku, others carried on his work and by the 1560s there were 10,000 Catholics in the area, mostly on Ambon, and by the 1590s there were 50,000 to 60,000. On November 21, he fainted after celebrating Mass. He died on the island on December 3, 1552, at age 46, without having reached mainland China.

On December 11, 1553, Xavier's body was shipped to Goa. The body, having resisted extensive decay, is now in the Basilica of Bom Jésus in Goa, where it was placed in a glass container encased in a silver casket on December 2, 1637. St. Francis Xavier is noteworthy for his missionary work, both as organizer and as pioneer and by being one of the first Jesuit missionary to East India, his work is of fundamental significance with regard to the propagation of Christianity in China and Japan.

Francis also proposed the creation of the infamous Goa Inquisition, which was installed six years after his death and resulted in the forced conversions, torture and murder of thousands of Hindus, Muslims, Indian Jews and non-Catholic Indian Christians.


Francis Xavier is a Catholic saint. He was beatified by Paul V on October 25, 1619, and was canonized by Gregory XV on March 12, 1622, at the same time as Ignatius Loyola. He is the patron saint of Navarre, Spain; Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines; the island-nation of Australia; the island of Borneo; China; the East Indies; Goa, India; Japan; New Zealand and of missionaries. His feast day is December 3.

Looking at his legacy and objectives he did baptize more people than St. Paul and did corrupt and destroy more individuals and cultures than any other Jesuit.He laid the foundation of catholic dominance,exploitation,and thus the colonialism, european cultural hegemony in many parts of Asia. Fortunately not in Japan. The provocation, inducing the naive japanese of Shimabara to revolt was not followed by christian/vatican military help as planned and promised. So the poor japanese converts were left to fight alone and the Shogunate very correctly succeeded in protecting Japanese independence,soverignity and identity.

It is tempting here to examine the alternative,with Francis Xavier living and active another 20 years ,he and his friends successfully christianize Japan. One do not have be a clairvoyant to see the destruction , harm , suffering and of course a total eradication of both shinto and buddhist culture,art , philosophy and architecture. All in the name of Jesus backed by western military and capital.

One does not even need imagination: taking a look at those places where christianity was victorious says it all. Relative to Japan how are the Inkas and generaly all catholic South-america doing. What about christian Philippines,Indochina,Africa. And finally one could ask the Hebrews what incredible struggle it takes to stay loyal to ones culture and tradition in a christian world. Rivers of blood and tears .

Anybody who believes that the world is beautifull becouse of diversity should be happy that the march of christanity was stopped in Japan.

Thank you Tokugawa-sama

by Gabor Fabricius

(great-great-grandson of protestant priest B.Fabricius sold as slave by jesuits to Venetian galleys.)


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