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Olympic torch run declined by Zenkoji, Nagano

Zenkoji, the city of Nagano's main temple, declined Friday to serve as the starting point of the Japan leg of the torch relay for the Beijing Olympics, citing safety concerns and the crackdown on Buddhists in Tibet.

"Indiscriminate killings were undertaken in Tibet," Shinsho Wakaomi, a Zenkoji official, told reporters at City Hall. "We were concerned about the crackdown on Buddhists in Tibet who rose up."

Bravo Zenkoji ! Subarashii Nagano !

It is encouraging, heartening and if one is from Nagano, doing one proud that Zenkoji sincerely and compassionatly took action.
There are very few institutions, governments, celebrity-politician-VIP,s that were and are able to take brave and thruthfull position in this global cacophony about the Tibet-Beijing Olympics. Zenkoji belongs to the admirable minority. The fact is that nobody wants to rob the Chinese people of it's deserved and overdue Olympic games, least of all the Buddhist monks at Zenkoji or the people of Nagano. The spontaneous, emotional and honest Tibetan peoples unarmed eruption of sincere grievencies caught everybody by surprise and its timing had nothing to do with the Olympics. This uprising was not planned but unfortunately for the global "establishment" more or less forced everybody to at least say something, if only a "whispering signal" to Beijing. Even the bloody-headed/jailed Tibetans and the Dalai Lama is supporting the Olympics 2008 while patriotic young Chinese bloggers are preparing boycotts of french products and threatening everybody with "chinese embargo" if they show any support for Tibet.

As for us, we would like to suggest the support of Zenkoji spiritually as well as with donations.

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by Gabor Fabricius


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