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No Tokyo theater will show 'Yasukuni' film by Chinese director Li Ying.

Super, excellent, outstanding, intelligent, correct and satisfactory.

Who is this Mr Li Ying ? What is his qalification to tell the world about Yasukuni Jinja ??

Born before of The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in the People's Republic of China, raised in Mao Zedong's red guards kindergarden, middle school by the end of Gang of Four, further educated during the 1976–1989 "era of reconstruction" and joined China Central TV (CCTV) in 1984, filming documentaries. He focused mainly on issues in Tibet .

It is common knowledge that CCTV employment (like by all Communist TV-Radios) were and are exclusively reserved for "good party members" children, given having a talent for government propaganda, self-cenzorship and party-loyality. In 1987 he was sent to the Leipzig film festival in Germany to enter his documentary on Tibet, which needless to say, was no more than comuflaged central government propaganda.

He moved to Japan in 1989 just becouse "he had a friend living here " and strangely enough "by chance", he met a Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) staff member at a Tibet seminar and he "had a chance" to accompany the NHK crew's trip to Tibet to film a documentary. He started filming "Yasukuni" after attending a 1997 Tokyo symposium by "historical revisionists" and other academics on the 60th anniversary of the Nanking Massacre.

He was stunned at the sight of die-hard nationalists fervently applauding the raising of the Japanese flag. He also saw a Class-B war criminal's daughter at the event demanding restoration of her father's honor. "I couldn't believe the way those people acted more than 50 years after the war," From 1933 to 1945, 8,100 Yasukuni swords were dispatched to the battlefields and the film provides a look at how Japanese officers put their Yasukuni swords to use. "The sword represents the Japanese spirit and Bushido aesthetics, but it also served as the most horrendous murder weapon of the war." "Unless you face up to the war crimes and dead souls straight away, you can't open a conversation with Asia and the world. Yasukuni is not a past but a present issue. You can't be selective in what war memories you retain."

"I decided I wanted to explore the Japanese mind-set by filming Yasukuni without any bias," Li says. And we thought that the most horrendous murder weapon of the war was the atomic bomb !? He is also grateful to the government-affiliated Japan Arts Council for sponsoring for "a potentially provocative film like this," as well as Beijing Film Academy's Youth Studio and Beijing Zhongkun Film. "Yasukuni" was screened at the Pusan International Film Festival 2007, World Cinema Competition Sundance Film Festival 2008 and Berlin Film Festival 2008.

We happen to know a filmmaker in our own country (Hungary), whose career and personality is very similar to Mr Li Ying. Mr Ferenc Kosa, who under the cover of "avant-garde-progressive-humanist" film director was the ears and eyes of the Hungarian communist cultural establishment for 20 years since Cannes 1967 in exchange for free travel, privileged life, inner circle benefits and countless other goodies and perks.

After glasnost he managed to wash his feet and change horses and is today member of the parliament,cultural, educational, TV and media national committee member, chairman of Japan-Hungary friendship org. and holder of various medals and prizes. Having a Japanese wife (Shinobu Itomi) he even managed to get his son Balint Kosa appointed to some Hungarian Gov. office in Tokyo. Oh yes ...............................a super surviver/ weathercock and major-league turncoat. In Hungary we call this type PCCC (Post Communist Carrear Cockroaches ).

We strongly suspect that Mr Li Ying is made of similar material but we will give him the benefit of the doubt:

Now that he is done DESECRATING the Japanese National War-heroes and -heroines Shrine he may undertake making documentaries of a bit more risky nature and not so popular with Beijing nor Taipei-Kuomintang.

1. Interviews of survivors of 1938 Yellow River flood arranged by Chiang Kai-shek.
2. The close cooperation between Adolf Hitler and Chiang Kai-shek starting 1933.
3. The 1947 massacre, in which KMT troops killed an estimated 28,000 Taiwanese in a matter of weeks.
4. The 1950 People's Liberation Army entering Tibet.
5. Interview documentary with the Dalai Lama.

Emotionally speaking we think Mr Li Ying should be persona non grata in Japan. Rationally speaking it will be more practical to fire those idiots in Japan Arts Council that were responsible for waisting Japanese taxpayers money on a government agent turned filmmaker from China.

by Gabor Fabricius


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