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U.S. got Abe to drop denial over sex slaves, Kyodo News

Friday, Nov. 9, 2007

It is always suspect when W.C. Japan Times resurrects  Snow Queen's pet subject of "comfort women" . On the front page yesterday.

The United States warned Japan in March that Washington could no longer back Tokyo on the issue of North Korea's past abductions of Japanese unless then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reversed his contentious claim that there was no proof that the Imperial forces forced women and girls into sexual slavery during the war, sources revealed Thursday. The warning, delivered by U.S. Ambassador Thomas Schieffer to a senior government official, prompted Abe to change his stance and announce that he stands by Japan's 1993 official statement of apology to the "comfort women," as they are euphemistically known, the sources said.

It is hard to believe that Kyodo News wrote such rubbish so we looked at their on-line news but could not find anything about the alleged issue. Perhaps W.C. Japan Times could let us know the exact date of the above "news". First of all the US government NEVER warned Japan about anything. On the contrary! It was the Japanese foreign ministry who warned the US government about the US Congress distorting historical facts and thus harming US-Japan relations. Second of all the ridiculous "comfort women" shabondama had nothing to do with developments in the Abe-cabinett and in the top of LDP.

The truth is that P.M. Shinzo Abe embarked on reforming and rejuvenating the old-LDP top brass and prepare for adjusting and synchronising the Japanese constitution to  new world-developments and obvious, relentless, demanding changes and challenges facing Japan and the Pacific region in the coming decades. He partly succeeded, but just underestimated the unwillingness of the old LDP-club to let go of their power and "king-maker" influence in Japanese politics. They have a hard time facing the fact that the Pacific region is in the midst of tremendous, economic, strategical, political, military, technological change from being the "American pond" to a Japan-China-Russia-India-Taiwan-Korea lead potential commonwealth. Even the blind can see that Japan needs to adjust her constitution. P.M. Abe and F.M. Aso laid the foundation of the unavoidable new, progressive course which has its own dynamics and will continue irrespectable of their future role in japanese politics. It is obvious that this process demands some retrospective, critical reevaluation and clarification of Japan's recent history. "If you do not know where you are coming from you do not now where you are going." The imbecile brand of "neo-conservative" is totally misleading. Both Abe and Aso are very progressive, liberal and rather sincere politicians. They will be back in a while.

As for the US congress issuing its opinion about "comfort women" it has absolutely no significance. According to CNN-polls 75% of americans disapprove of the US congress and Lui Dobbs called Nancy Pelosi and Congress hypocritical and incompetent. Not surprising considering the fact that they can not decide on whether it is illegal to issue drivers licences to illegal immigrants or not. That's why they like to vote on ridiculously insignificant issues. On top of the comfort women issue we take the liberty to suggest a few pressing issues for the US Congress to vote on: Outlawing the forced feeding of ducks in China and Hungary.

Global ban on fugu-restaurants and classifying the serving of fugu as potential murder.

Forbidding the consumption of frog-legs
Forbidding dog-owners to smoke while walking their dog. (Animal rights issues)
Human rights for sado gays and maso lesbians getting married.
Human rights for japanese cram school students.
Unfair trade practises by India not eating Texas beef and by Indonesia not importing Australian pork.
Illegalizing the arrest in Japan of non-japanese speaking bank robbers before they can open a Liechtenstein bank account. and finally:
The Inuit tradition of wearing polar bear fur pants should be illiegalized as Levis jeans will be sufficient due to global warming.

by Gabor Fabricius

Oh! We forgot the most important issue.
Saunas in Finland contribute to global warming and should not be allowed temperatures above 25 C degrees .


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