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Second Harvest Japan and Charles E. McJilton alias Soup Kitchen Charley

Second Harvest Japan, a semi-christian , disgusting, hypocrisy loaded, egocentric, false and sub moral media-stunt focused organisation.

Do not believe them, do not sponsor them, do not help them. Anything they say , claim or undertake should be ignored. Mr McJilton is the typical selfish, poor white Yankee, probably getting his education on the GI-bill, english teacher turned Japan-crusader pretending to be “wearing many different hats: driver, fundraiser, public speaker, promoter of food banking in Japan, and outreach co-ordinator.”

He and his pal’s, Reverend Aso, Reverend Yamamoto, Huntley and volunteer co-ordinator, Patricia. distributes food to the homeless in Shinjuku’s Chuo Park on Saturdays. and organised countless tons of food linking to the National Christian Council in Japan involved in the Saturday soup kitchen program arranging for deliveries in Kanto, Nagoya, and Kansai.

How lucky that there are a few homeless in Japan. How on earth else would McJilton make a living? On any given night in America, anywhere from 700,000 to 2 million people are homeless while in 14 major japanese cities there are a total of 16-25,000 homeless (over 30.000 according to NGO activists like Mr Goodness McJilton and Mr Reachout Spiri)

This compares to 261.000 in France, 350.000-450.000 in Germany and 350.000 in UK. Additionally the nature and reason of the homeless in Japan differs remarkably from other countries, where alcoholism and drug addiction are in majority, whereas the Japanese homeless in general are more akin to StormP’s hobos having said good-bye to the rat-race and electricity-bills.

4b.jpgJapanese homeless.

In spite of this, Soup Kitchen Charley gives an interview to The Hindu (!!! ) titled “Life sans dignity” IT was a bitterly cold night on the outskirts of Tokyo. Four hundred men had queued up to pick their bowl of hot soup and some bread. Some also collected old clothes, and about 10 got blankets.

This is a ritual that the Food Bank organises for the rising number of Japan's homeless, who, despite living in one of the world's richest countries, sleep on scraps of cardboard, searching for shelter at night and sunshine during the day to keep warm, and rummaging in dustbins in the hope of finding that morsel which will pacify their rumbling stomach. Sadly, most of the homeless are able-bodied men, highly skilled and capable of working for years. While some lost their jobs through the corporate restructuring, others found themselves on the streets when the day labour market shrunk in the face of a depressed construction industry.

Charles E. McJilton, a co-representative of the Food Bank, points to a Tokyo area to emphasise how it once used to be hustling with day workers. Today, it is desolate with most of those men slipping into a pathetic homeless existence, having completely lost hope of finding a job.

"McJilton feels that there could be many more homeless than just 24,000. Apart from such whitewashing of statistics, what he finds unpardonable is the administration's failure to address a problem that it knew was coming. It has certainly not provided the pension benefits to deal with this."

We vill try to put our opinion as politely as possible: Why the h... doesn't Soup Kitchen Charley and his christian associates and their soup kitchens with “countless tons of food” relocate to North Korea where the need is real and where abandoned, starving children are littering the streets?

As for "Japan faces hunger pains as poor slip through net" horror stories all one has to do is to look at the Gini index and find economic equality in Japan no. 1 in the World. Log in on:

by Gabor Fabricius


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