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Shocking tales of Japan's 'idiot gaijin-reporters'

The James Cagney Graduate School of Journalism.


We have decided not to further pollute our blog with quoting more or less idiotic Japan reports and observations by half-educated or shallow "journalists". Instead we shall just enter articles under this  James Cagney Graduate School of Journalism, with the name of the author, publisher and classification according to content.

Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2007, By BOYD HARNELL, TIME TO KILL
Tokyo sanctions an extended cull of Taiji dolphins, The Japan Times.
Classification: Vigilante / revolver journalism

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2007 THE ZEIT GIST By JOHN SPIRI
Japan faces hunger pains as poor slip through net, The Japan Times.
Classification: Dr Goebbels reporting antisemitism in Israel

Sunday, Oct. 7, 2007 Teens lean toward sex for pocket money, The Japan Times
Classification: "If I can't nobody must" crocodile tears.

Sunday, Oct. 7, 2007 Shaman to Shinto, by Alan Macfarlane.
Reviewed by MARIKO KATO The Japan Times
Classification: Just another Brit trying to grasp, explaining and lamenting that Japan is better than the UK in everything except colonialism and bluffing.

Thursday, Dec. 20, 2007
The myopic state we're in
Fingerprint scheme exposes xenophobic, short-sighted trend in government

By DEBITO ARUDOU The Japan Times


The writer of this article in Japan Times  is very  ill. Many types of psychotherapy is available in the US, some focusing on changing current behaviour others helping to overcome past childhood abuse and puberty traumas.

Unfortunately we do not believe any psychotherapy, electroshock or medication will help Debito Arudou kun, with his oedipus-complex based megalomania-induced "yellow-peril" paranoia. His condition seems to be similar to Adolph Hitler's in his art-school days in Vienna where all the models had sex with the Jewish students but not with him. Any hope of his recovery will demand serious brain-surgery  and perhaps additional combination of drastic bone-transplants and  stem cell-treatment. On second thought ...................there may be a shortcut to his salvation. Sex Change surgery at John Hopkins Hospital and reemerging as former sex slave Maria Batumbakal , with Japanese citizenship in her possession, claiming that the fingerprinting system in Narita do not automatically change identical fingerprints from male to female .........discriminating against human rights of sex- and name change.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Dancing with the devil over 'Yasukuni'

Special to The Japan Times

A commonly mediocre, stereotype "analyses" where obvious lack of knowledge is highly camouflaged by "absolute" branding like
fascists, shaven-headed patriots, ultra-right, neo-nationalists, 1937 Nanjing Massacre, ultra-nationalist group, mad dogs kept in bad neighborhoods, new-right activist,the smear campaign against the movie, etc, etc. The tone is the same in all his writings: teenage suicide bombers, Japan's brutal pillage of Asia, campaign of right-wing intimidation and death threats against the distributors, Yasukuni symbolises a "disease of the spirit" in Japan........ on and on.

Mc Neill-kun is right ! "Why doesn't someone do something about those guys," ............guys like David McNeill, John Junkerman, and Li Ying.

For starts, McNeill could return the Mombusho scholarship money to Japanese taxpayers.

Tuesday, Sep. 6, 2011

'Sexlessness' wrecks marriages, threatens nation's future,
Japan Times by Maria Batumbakal (Debito Arudou-kun).

The All American onsen/fingerprint activist and sex-equality crusader is at it again.

What he is trying to prove is that Japanese have much poorer erotic life then other "developed countries" and thus tend to commit fornication (unlawful sexual intercourse). In itself a rather absurd concept.

Presuming that US of America is a "developed country" his postulation is mildly put ridiculous. It is common knowledge that the USA is "the sexually sickest society in the world."

Due to the puritan/anglo heritage, commanding all aspects of sexuality and male female relations a so-called "healthy sexual life" is all but an illusion in the USA.

Sex is cornered into a Hollywood-like monogamous , "until death us part" soap-opera, where natural casual sex and prostitution, which is healthy irrespectable of maritial status, is replaced by drugs, alcohol, female frigidity and christian hedonism.

American females feel a bit guilty spreading their legs, as if being robed of the family silver, giving into lust, not to mention "unblessed" extramarital sexual affairs, or adultery, fornication, philandery, or infidelity.

The Jews and blacks brought a little sexual progress into the dreary, depressing, hopeless, guilty-conscience American erotic universe, of which Arudou-kun is a prominent product. Like many American Christian white males, he is overwhelmed by a dominant mother complex, suffering from female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) , hindering the slightest possibility of sexual emancipation except for mansturbation or homosexuality.

A few decades ago he would be the type of guy, that would commence lynching of black males, due to their supposed superior erotic abilities.
It is extremely telling, that even many years of living in liberal Buddhist/Shinto Japan did not help him overcome his desperate, puritan, sexual, derailed, incurable mental handycap.

The only question is why Japan Times is printing his sick observation.
Could it be that Snow Queen has a special relationship with him?

By Gabor Fabricius


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