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Snow Queen at War Criminal Japan Times and her little Kai, Debito Arudou alias Dave Aldwinckle

And we thought that we have seen it all!

Reading the verbal vomit " The blame game" by a certain Mr Arudou we hardly believed our eyes. We checked out who this man is and he introduces himself in Wikipedia as if he is somebody of significance: ( )

There are several direct lies in his presentation: made my Japanese really good — answering phones and talking to nasty, racist, and bloody-minded construction workers from nine to six — there was hell to pay every single day."[1] Claiming to be the object of racial harassment,[4] Aldwinckle eventually quit the company. In 1993, despite his previous pledge “against ever being a language teacher again

It is not they but he himself who is nasty, racist, and bloody-minded. Arudou initially maintained dual nationality in violation of Japanese nationality law which requires those who naturalize to renounce their former citizenship. According to Arudou, in 2002 a U.S. consul in Sapporo threatened to divulge this information to the Japanese government following a disagreement with Arudou regarding his activist activities near Misawa Air Base. U.S. Consulate officials deny the allegation (see Criticism below). Following the incident, Arudou chose to renounce his U.S. citizenship.

To the best of our knowledge US constitution forbids dual nationality.
His biggest achievement is to pretend to be russian sailors and with some friends mislead and provoke an onsen in Otaru thereupon claiming racial discrimination, starting and loosing a totally radonkulus lawsuit against the city of Otaru and now,lo and behold, against the Japanese Government. Wow wow wow!!! This is the type who brings a cockroach in their pocket into a ramen shop, put it in the soup, and then demand compensation.

Japan must be the most tolerant country in the world.
If this little cockroach Kai would have the guts to try the same trick in one of the onsens in Budapest , he and his friends would wake up six month later from a coma finding them self not able to service their wife the rest of their life. As for a lawsuit against Budapest city....everybody would just smile. Snow queen as responsible editor for what W.C. Japan Times prints should be careful. Publishing garbage like the "Blame game" by a man like cockroach Kai alias Aridou could mean loosing her job.

Somebody may sue .... not little cockroach Kai, but her!

by Gabor Fabricius


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