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Japan Times, "Harumafuji incident" by J. Gunning

According to John Gunning, a "sumo-commentator"  in Japan Times, Harumafuji (Mongolian) is not going to survive the alleged scandal with Takanohana-stable's   Takanoiwa (also Mongolian).

Well ; indeed….it is difficult to predict ,especially the future.

It is obvious that Mr Gunning does not know anything about Japanese Sumo or ancient Mongolian Bök and their sacred roots in both  contries. The Bök spread to all neighbours of the vast Mongolian empire, from the Bulgarian-turks and the Buriats to the Japanese.

It is not an accident the these people have sumo in their DNA.

Mr Gunning writes:

     'A large majority of sumo fandom simply does not understand the true nature of the sport it follows. Boys and young men, initiated into a closed, secretive and violent Darwinian world, where their station in life is determined by an ability to physically dominate those around them, are expected to be the embodiment of fictional stoic samurai. That’s a presumption as unrealistic as the frog crossing a river with the scorpion on his back.'

This is not a Sumo-comment but a stupid english-lesson.

We do not know ,but we suspect that gaijin/gringo Gunning was an english-teacher somewhere in the "inaka", before he became a sumo expert.

Instead we think that the Rijicho-ambition of arrogant Takanohana should not survive his scam of publicity-police alarm of happenings in a private Mongolian/Sumo party in Tottori.

Not Harumafuji, but Takanohana should be suspended from Sumo.

As for "Petit-IQ" Gunning, he should be banned from writing about Sumo as well as Japan , and should start commenting on pro-wrestling and US pro-boxing, which is a lot of white rednecks looking at two black man beating each other up.

Gabor Fabricius

p.s. I think that Mr Gunning is ugly, fat, stupid and "namaeki".


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