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Park Kyung-won (24 June 1901 – 7 August 1933)

The other day it hit me. 
I was watching Alilan, ( Korean TV) reporting on the first korean female pilot , joining the Chinese to fight "Japanese colonialism".

I do not understand this concept at all.

The facts are:
Park Kyung-won (24 June 1901 – 7 August 1933) was, along with Kwon Ki-ok of the Republic of China Air Force, one of the earliest Korean female aviators. 
In January 1925, Park returned to Japan, where she finally enrolled in an aviation school in Kamata (present-day Ōta, Tokyo). She had initially hoped to attend the same flight school as An Chang-nam, with the first Korean male pilot, but it had burned down in 1923. She graduated and took the test for her third-class pilot's licence on 25 January 1927; she obtained the licence three days later. 
On 30 July of the following year, she obtained her second-class pilot's licence.
On 4 May 1933, Park was chosen to fly on a new route between Japan and Manchukuo. She flew to Seoul on 19 May to meet with government officials there. 
At 10:35 AM on 7 August 1933, she took off in her Salmson 2A2 biplane, named the Blue Swallow, from Tokyo's Haneda Airport on one such flight to Manchuria; she crashed 42 minutes later near Hakone,Kanagawa and died.

This makes you think: I have never heard from a first black female pilot from Kenya- or the Philipine colonies.


All former colonies still today speak the languages of their former colonial masters.

India- Pakistan : english
Brasil: Portugese
Mexico, Cuba, and the rest of South America: Spanish
All Afria north of Sahara: French and English
All Africa south of Sahara: English, French and German-Duch, Portugese.
Canada: Englis- French
Vietnam: French
Singapore: English- Chinese
Philipines: English-Spanish-Arabic
Hawai: English
Indonesia: Duch
Gibraltar - Malta : English
Greenland: Danish
Iceland: Danish

How come, that if Korea was a " Japanese Colony", nobody today speaks any Japanese ?????.
Logically, Korea was never a Japanese Colony. 

This "Japanese Korean Colony" is a UK-US hogwash still entertained by official Korea korupt politicians .

The Japanese government declared Korea a globally  independent nation in 1895.
"Shimonoseki joyaku with China".


Gabor Fabricius


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