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Why did Japan surrender in World War II ? by Jeff Kingston alias 40-zuri sensei, special to Japan Times

Christian Sunday-school teacher gaijin-gringo 40-zuri-sensei  is trying to mascarade as a historian-japan-specialist again. He is circling the "Japan-surrender-Heisei-Tenno-aiging" subject as a hungry hen around spit, and is analyzing-explaining the whole story as it was like the Chairmen of Coca-Cola effort to keeping-or not-keeping his job in spite af aiging.

He is getting off by repeating the words "surrender- capitulation" over 12-plus times ignoring the fact that the Japanese exit of the Pacific-war ,( ending on the roof of the US-embassy in Saigon 1975) was engineered by Showa-Tenno almost singlehandedly , since the undefeated JIA ,intact, well armed and highly motivated was in no mood to let any Americans set foot on Japanese soil, regarding the US as war-criminal, for totally and indescriminate firebombing and nuking civilians.

The entry of Russia into the war was only a US sponsored scam, to save american lifes and the face-saving  of victory-addicted USA. The decision by Showa Tenno had nothing to do with saving face.

Only saving Japanese civilian lifes.

Funny enogh, the "redneck-gaijin-gringos" did not learn anything from this. They droped ten times more bombs over Vietnam and Cambodia than over Japan, killing ten times more civilan peasants than Viet-Cong and  NVA soldiers. It became safer to join Viet-Cong than to stay home in the village. So finally US lost the Pacific War, Saigon 30 April 1975.

Jeff-sensei; go back to Sunday-school and tell your Jesus story to the silly Japanese who "study" at Temple . By the way, how come he is the only God ...???. Many Jews died on the cross in those days.

We believe that "a dead man is a dead man " and that Showa Tenno was only trying to become human in an age of super-inhumanity, commonly called the 20th century.


Gabor Fabricius


We are fed up with the gaijin-gringo reporters opinions and reports about the Japanese Imperial Institution since over 90 percent of common Japanese are happy with it as it is and was for over many centuries. 





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