Saturday, Apr 30, 2016, 10:58:49


It was indeed a rare pleasure to listen to President Obama`s Berlin speach adressing the German Bundeskanslerin Merkel and the EU in general as well as the pro- and against- EU political parties. It is the best USA message to the world since President Kennedy´s "Ich bin ein Berliner".

Relatively,  observing Trump on the news is very, very sad and listening to his "donkan "-talk seems infantile and idiotic. The fact that so many are voting for him makes one wonder about the average American intelligence level. Just to make clear:

Both Japan and Germany pay handsomely for having US-troops and bases on their soil. Japan paying three times as much as Germany. The other day I met a US-navy  nuclear engineer based in Japan living in a 350 sq. m house , all costs paid. I can hardly afford to live in 70 sq. m. of Tokyo living-space.


The 30.000 US-troops in Korea, only costs half of what they would cost if they were stationd in the USA.


Gabor Fabricius


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