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The Australian Submarine Sarushibai.

The Chinese unwittingly spoke the truth when they called the Australian decission of giving the new submarine contract to France "the second worst choice".

This meaning that the worst choice would have been to carry on with the original professionally correct plan to puchase the new Australian submarine fleet from Japan.

You do not have to bee a nuclear-expert to know that the best non-atomic submarines at present, are the japanese, due to the simple fact the they are silent, stealthy, battery-efficient and cost about the one tenth of a nuclear submarine. We have heard about sublime German submarine technology but never about a French one.

The fact is that both EU (Germany) and China put immense pressure on Australia not to go ahead with the right choice and purchase Japanese submarines, practically  meaning, that Australian future security policy is decided in Beijing due to the South China Sea heterogeneous rivalry. 

The truth is however, that this Australian-Chinese- German-French flirt will end before it began. ....And why?

Which new non-nuclear submarines will Indonesia, Philipines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaisia, Singapoor ,New Zeeland and India by ????? 

 If they are not corrupt and stupid, probably Japanese .

Adissionally: The Australian gov. windowdressing that the French-German submarines will create jobs in Australia is very poor.


Gabor Fabricius



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