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Japan Times: Fifty Japanese scholars attack McGraw-Hill, U.S. academics on ‘comfort women’ issue.


We understand that Theresa Park, fourth generation Korean born catholic, is living out her rather sexually-christian-guilt induced infantile phantasies in her ridiculous book "A gift from the Emperor" about a korean school girl  forced into prostitution by the Japanese military-government.

In America any story-adventure about sex-child-slavery is published and read by a sensation-hungry christian public. It is good business.


It is more difficult to understand that a group of shameless careerist American historians like Alexis Dudden (Univ. of Connecticut), Andrew Gordon ( Harward ) and all in all , 20 American scholar-teachers seem to believe these fairy-tales and support the publishing of them as "history".

This time they even go so far that they start comparing it to Nazi war crimes calling them " the brutal mid-20th century system of state-sponsored sexual slavery throughout the Empire of Japan."  On top of that they fail to mention the U.S. governments Interagency Working Group, which worked  for years to locate and recommend for declassification secret U.S. records relating to Nazi and Japanese war crimes, paying special attention to records related to the comfort women issue. 

In 2007 the IWG finally stated that they could not find any documentation on the Japanese government war crimes with respect to the comfort women .

Now these Korean-Chinese-American "scholars" postulate that all the evidence was literately destroyed by the Japanese government by 1945.

As this monstrous Nazi-Soviet style American-scholar propaganda was not enough, Alexis Dudden is comparing the whole sensation fairy-tale, sex-slavery story to the current  Boko Haram , Islamic State sex slavery events.


One wonders how in the hell A. Dudden has a job as a University history professor instead of operating a call-girl center in Manilla.

She could probably manage to get the girls in her stable to be paid thrice for each time.


Gabor Fabricius


All these American "hisrorians" are forgetting that:

a. There is no evidence of Japanese war crime like the ones committed by Nazi-Germany or by U.S. in Korea and Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia.

b. The major racist nations by mid 1930-s was U.S.A., Germany and Australia with Japan being officially ati-racist in the Leage of Nations .

c. Japan was never an ally of Nazi-Gerrmany but Nationalist China was. This alleged alliance was invented by FDR so he could enter America into the European II W.W. throu the "back door".


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