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BBC World News in Korean

When in Japan and many other countries without German or Swiss news broadcasts, I do watch BBC news, simply becouse there is nothing better. However one gets the impression that BBC still live in the beginning of 1940´s being the only free and democratic news source in Europe and the world.

Horribile dictu, the other day the boss of this this British state run institution announced:

"A detailed proposal pushing for the creation of a BBC radio service that provides Korean-language programming to both North and South Korea is currently being considered by the British government ."

“It always comes as a surprise when you tell people that the BBC World Service doesn’t broadcast in Korean. Although there is no former colonial link between Great Britain and Korea (in many respects a blessing), 1,000 British servicemen did give their lives in the Korean War” said Lord David Alton, author of a preface to the 15-page report seen by NK NEWS."

For a progressive , peacefull and  pacifist Korea and all its neighbors this prommises a very scary possible scenario of civil war, and with a lot of nuclear hardware on the peninsula threatening Chinese, Russian, US and even Japanese involvment in this BBC Korean news fermented possible escalation of the explosive state of affairs.

The BBC currently operates in over 25 foreign languages, including Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese and Somali, but has not indicated interest in expanding its remit to include Korean until now.

The proposal, which is still in the early stages of debate in UK Parliament and cites the successes of the BBC Burmese service as a possible template, describes the potential launch of a BBC Korean service as a “golden opportunity”, and highlghts the Korean peninsula as an area within which the British broadcaster lacks influence.

“The Korean peninsula is home to one of the greatest ongoing tragedies of the modern era, and that tragedy should be ameliorated as far as possible. Information dissemination can help achieve that”

Now, that even the blind can see what disaster the BBC arabic "information dissemination" has brought to the whole middle east and we witness the endless human tragedy flooding Europe, we would like to know what plans BBC is proposing for about 3-5 million potential Korean starving refugees that may result in bringing the British and American version of "free-democratic" news in Korean to 20 million undernurished Koreans in the north and 50 million nationalits ( 30% christian converts) in the south.

We think that the BBC Korean News is a blueprint for a chainreaction of tragic and bloody disasters and events and we hope that when the time comes, US and UK will at least give refugee status to the christian Koreans, about 15 million brainwashed, indocrinated souls produced during the past 40 years by American and European protestant and catholic missionaries .




Gabor Fabricius



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