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The UNESCO World Heritage add “Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution”

Finally, in spite of South Korea, which had raised objections to the listing.Seoul opposed listing the sites because , allegedly, many Koreans were taken to perform forced labor at seven of the 23 sites listed. If we analize the historical impact of Meiji-Japan`s industralisation efforts on Asia and even globally since the first Japanese victory over China and liberalisation of Korea in 1895  as well as the great victory over Imperial Russia and the elemination of the Baltic fleet in Tsushima strait, it is dificult to understand , let alone respect Souls vehement protests.

It is an undeniable historical fact that the Japanese progressive development of scools, hospitals, infrastructure and modern industry untill 1945 in Korea, China, Taiwan and in the Pacific at large, became the modell for all Asian nation and was based on the Meiji Industralisation success.

For the record:

Japanese investment was in 1945 US Dollars :

Korea: 468 mill , Taiwan 2,846 mill, North China 13,400 mill, Central China 2,400 mill

 Japanese "war compensation"  paid between 1955 and 1976 was : Burma 200 mill, Philippines 550 mill, Indonesia 223 mill, Vietnam 38 mill. In South Korea`s case a special development help was agreed upon ( 日韓基本条約) signed June  22, 1965.




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