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Beginning of Christianity as funeral insurance fraud .

With roots in the monotheistic Jewish tribal ethics, western Christian and Islamic culture and society is only the sick shadow of Buddhas teaching .

How did it all happen?

It is now an accepted historical fact, the the meeting and fusion of the Hellenistic eastward cultural, military, artistic  and polytheistic culture and the westward spreading of Buddhas teaching became an absolute, determining process in western history and culture.

Greco-Buddhism, sometimes spelled Graeco-Buddhism, refers to the cultural syncretism between Hellenistic culture and Buddhism, which developed between the 4th century BCE and the 5th century CE in the Indian subcontinent, in modern day Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. It was a cultural consequence of a long chain of interactions begun by Greek forays into India from the time of Alexander the Great, carried further by the establishment of the Indo-Greek Kingdom and extended during the flourishing of the Hellenized Kushan Empire. Greco-Buddhism influenced the artistic, and perhaps the spiritual development of Buddhism, particularly Mahayana Buddhism. Buddhism was then adopted in Central and Northeastern Asia from the 1st century CE, ultimately spreading to China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Siberia, and Vietnam.

Unfortunately for European culture;

the introduction of  Jesus´ version of " Teaching of the Lord " (His version of verbal Buddhas teaching and parabels) , intended solely for "the lost sheep of Israel " , was exported to Rome´s low classes by creative, smart, relentless, scruple-less  "Jesus Disciples" and  Prophet´s,  taking advantage of the constitutional religious freedom in the Roman Empire.

In 28 BC Roman citizen population, both men and women was 4 ,063,000 . In AD 14 it was 4,937,000.

The small group of Christian missionaries from Palestine started out with selling "coffin insurance" to broken down Roman alcoholics, prostitutes and all other losers , not being able to afford a customary Roman carved marble coffin.

It was a simple concept.

They had 4-5 marble beautiful  coffins and made them reusable in hundreds, thousands of burials.

All you had to do was getting rid of the bodies a few days after the show.

Naturally this criminal conduct called the attention of the Roman police, resulting in banning Christianity as a harmful and illegal organization. This prompted the insurence brokers to become Christian bishops, sending their flock into the arenas, becoming martyrs and lion food.

That is how the European Christianity started. A funeral insurance fraud and religious scam. 

From my book "Buddhas Salesmen"



Gabor Fabricius


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