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Japan Times: Right-wing witch hunt signals dark days in Japan

In this article in Japan Times, Yonjuzuri sensei, alias Jeff Kingston-kun, Temple Sunday-school , Christian University for retarded students, is complaining among other things that "This past week, Hokusei Gakuen University in Sapporo moved to fire part-time lecturer Takashi Uemura, a former Asahi Shimbun journalist. "

Yonjuzuri sensei is forgetting to tell the readers who Takashi Uemura is, namely the instigator  of following history-distorting :

The Asahi Shimbun reported in the front page on 11 January 1992 that the historian Yoshiaki Yoshimi discovered documents that proves the Army's "commitment" to comfort women in the archives of Japan's Defense Agency.

According to the article, the document indicated that the military had been involved in running the brothels, for example by selecting the agents who recruited. Takashi Uemura, Asahi's correspondent in Seoul, reported further that the comfort women had been abducted as part of "Joshi Teishintai" (women volunteer corps). But it was obviously wrong because Teishintai was the labor team in the factories of military equipment.

These problems were fabricated by the Asahi that mistook the commercial prostitution as military forced labor; and there is no evidence of "abduction" of women by the Army. Since many historians and commentators attacked the wrong reporting, the Asahi tacitly admitted the error. However, they never apologized it but insists "such minor difference doesn't matter" in the editorial. Hence Takashi Uemura was never punished for his evident falsifications. 

We think the the firing of Mr Uemura is justified, and that Japan Times' publishing of Kingston-kun's mor or less infantile and at best shallow observations is degrading. Additionally, his editor should tell him that the practice of "witch hunt"  is excluesivly Christian and does not exist in Buddhist countries . 

As for his and other pseudo intellectual teachers , historians and journalist's  opinion about P.M. Abe and his policy as well as the J.I.A. we suggest they do their publishing in the American bible-belt papers. Their readers belive everything, even that it is possible to walk on water.



Gabor Fabricius



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