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The Fall of the Berlin Wall and Communism.


The other day BBC analysed and reported the causes of the fall of the iron curtain 25 years ago, including interviews with  Lech Walesa, Georg Soros and various people from former DDR , Romania and visiting  related places of the Communist empire of the past.

Unfortunately the reportage was shallow, simplistic, retrospectively one sided thus drawing the wrong conclusions providing superficial rethoric and answers.

Not mentioning the significance of the heroic, bloody Hungarian revolution in 1956, being the first nail in the coffin of the "Red  Vatican" in Moscow borders historical falsification.

Real, unplaned, youth-inspired, instant, reflex-based uprisings and rebellions happen when conditions, moral and circumstances in a society or country become unbearable and disgusting for the averege citizen.

In the streets of Budapest in 1956, 2,500 killed and 30,000 wounded freedom fighters proved to the world, that "socialist communism" was an intolerable, antihuman, monotheistic dictatorship, based on terror and lies.

Hundred of thousands western intellectuals, "humanists", socialists, and Moscow-communist sympathizers were forced to face reality and find explanations for themselves and their harmful and destructive convictions. Only a handfull of them admitted openly to their blindness and changed their "religion", the most prominent being Albert Camus, Antonio Giolitti and Abe Kobo; never the less the events in Hungary produced ideological fractures within the communist parties of Western Europe from which the "international workers movement" never recovered.

Unfortunately there were additional effects of the Hungarian uprising, namely the exposure of British- French- US and Nato hypocrisy and ice-cold opportunism. Heinrich von Brentano, foreign minister of West Germany, recommended that the people of Eastern Europe be discouraged from "taking dramatic action which might have disastrous consequences for themselves".

Paul-Henri Spaak the secretary-general of NATO, called the Hungarian revolt "the collective suicide of a whole people". To this day, the British keep on camouflaging the fact, that they invaded Egypt to regain control of the Suez canal, bargaining with Moscow,  discreetly and covertly promising them free hand in Hungary, with President Eisenhauer ("Ike Eisenhower") sitting on the fence or playing golf, while almighty CIA was  doing the talk but not the walk. As a little boy I saw a lot of dead non- buried russians (covered with lime) and some buried hungarians in those days but......... no americans.

President John F. Kennedy said :

"This is October 23, 1957– the first anniversary of a day that shook the world – a day that will forever live in the annals of free men and free nations – a day of courage and of conscience and of triumph.  No other day since nations were first instituted among men has shown more conclusively, to oppressed and oppressor alike, the utter, inevitable futility of despotic rule. No other day has shown more clearly the eternal unquenchability of man’s desire to be free, whatever the odds against success, whatever the sacrifice required of him."

Well. So much for heroism. The hole in the Iron Curtain began with a hole in the Hungarian Communist flag.

There was however a far more powerful and irreversible, progressive, bloodless and unconditional process and reason for the fall of the Berlin Wall, which seems to have escaped the attention of BBC. 

This was the progressive digital Japanese application engineering bringing products like tandem  cassette tape recorders, and small digital facsimile telephones (I personally smuggled ten of them into Hungary and Transylvania) available for almost everybody in the Communist and Muslim worlds, rendering information-control and citizen to citizen communication monitoring and criminalization, economically and practically impossible.

We think that in light of this, progressive Japan should get the next Nobel Peace Price for this contribution to free Humanity.




Gabor Fabricius

P.S. For the record. Only three nations had the decency and courage to boycott the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, in protest to Moscow's Hungary-bloodbath..............namely Spain, Netherlands and Switzerland.






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