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The Trigger: Hunting the Assassin Who Brought the World to War.

The Trigger, a new book by Tim Butcher is a portrait of Bosnian Serb assassin Gavrilo Princi and an investigation of the Yugoslav conflict and the fuse that lit the explosion of WW I and millions of dead and homeless as well as the totally senseless drawing of new unjust European boarders.


Unfortunately Mr Butcher do not tell us in his book who or whom pulled the trigger. Maybe he does not know or perhaps he is just helping the british after-coverup.

It is now, more than 100 years later, clear that the British MI6 set up in 1909 and the Royal Navy considered the growing strength of Germany and its global naval activity the most serious threat to "British seven seas monopoly"  and the royal crown jewel …British India.

The most important  cornerstone in the royal shipping and naval strength was the 164 Km long Suez Canal .

Opened in 1869, after 10 year of construction (using forced labour) and thousands of dead, the British originally, oddly enough, tried to sabotage the French construction by arming Beduins attacking the labourers. 

Never the less in  1875 Britain bought Egypt's  Isma'il Pasha's shares for  £ 4 million  with funding from the Rothschilds and then declared the Suez Canal neutral zone under the protection of the British, at The Convention of Constantinople in 1888.

Before the establishment of MI6 the Naval Intelligence Division conducted espionage and contra espionage, recruiting agents with the the co-operation of British trading houses such as the East India Company, or EIC (1600–1858), the Hudson's Bay Company (founded in 1670 and still active) and the Royal African Company (1672–1750), all English, as well as the Dutch East India Company, or VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, 1602–1799) and the Dutch West India Company, or WIC (1621–1791) and imitation companies  established in numerous states, including Denmark, France, Genoa, Portugal, and Sweden which often complied  with UK to gain advantedge tradig rights.

In China , despite the Chinese ban on opium imports, reaffirmed in 1799 by the Jiaqing Emperor, the drug was smuggled into China from Bengal by traffickers and agency houses such as Jardine, Matheson & Co and Dent & Co. in amounts averaging 900 tons a year. In 1838 with the amount of smuggled opium entering China approaching 1,400 tons a year, the Chinese imposed a death penalty for opium smuggling and sent a Special Imperial Commissioner, Lin Zexu, to curb smuggling. This resulted in the First Opium War (1839–1842). 

MI6 efforts Included infiltration and manipulation of local nationalistic and religious movements as well as naive patriots often were lured into false organisations especially in multinational Austria-Hungary and the Balkans, commanding the shores of the Adriatic  with the naval ports of  Trieste, Pola, Fiume and Ragusa, few days sailing from Suez. Thus  the British were relentlessly instigating, provoking,stimulating, inducing nationalistic ,semi-terrorist actions where ever and when ever  deemed neccessary .

MI6 agents targeted Serb nationals in Bosnia and with lesser success in Croatia , and reached their goal in recruiting the mentally unbalanced-infantile Gavrilo Princi. Princi was of course not aware that he was controlled by MI6 as well as the British agents only intended to provoke a local Balkan war to deny Austro-Hungarian access to the Adriatic and the Suez Canal.

As fate would have it, this MI6 covert operation resulted in a panslavic Russian/ British/French gigantic war with Germany/ Ottoman/ Austria-Hungary empires ending with US involvement and victory.

The American entering   WW I was due to the multi billion dollar US banking-financing of the British war effort, which would have meant , in case of British defeat, default on the £7.4 billion debt.




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