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Japan Times in " Essential reading for japanophiles" by a William Bradbury .

Japan Times in " Essential reading for japanophiles"  Abe Kobo`s The Boxman is analyzed by a William Bradbury .  
He "found the novel didn't quite live up to the concept, but the concept itself was so ridiculous………etc etc"
Poor Gaijin-Gringo Willie.

He and Japan Times messed up by trying to "explain " The Boxman, since it is obvious that William has no idea what he is talking about.

Abe Kobo is with "The Boxman" practically finishing his cohabitation with western-christian-socialist culture and literature. 

Upon becoming one of the greatest writers in the 20th century producing "The women in the dunes" , " The face of another" and
" Inter ice age four" he created the timeless novel, with no beginning and no end , a novel by western school but in haiku timelessness .

A  novel in " now" ,  a snapshot of  mans fate and a concentrated accumulation of a lifetime in the blink of an eye.

That is "The Boxman" ; tearing down the mask of western novelist literature hypocracy.

It is indeed awesome…………. just like Curzio Malaparte´s  "Kaputt" report ,   "The Boxman" is the peak of renewal of modern 
western literature and in Abe Kobo´s case with practical, ingenious , unpolluted, japanese traditional tools. 
It is a Dostoyevsky-style-powered analytical surgery and autopsy of man`s destiny with the Japanese  zen-practical-realization that
"a man is born alone and dies alone and there is nobody to keep him company on the long road after death."
In other words; Abe Kobo painted a calligraphy of the hopelessness conceived in Scandinavian existentialism (Kierkegaard) using the elegance of the japanese shodo.
It will take another five hundred years for William-kun to understand. Unfortunately we do not think that he is going 
to live that long.
Gabor Fabricius


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