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Combating climate change, Japan Times.

The other day we were surprised by the fact that there is a more severe aging-sickness than Alzheimer…… is Dementia Cortazzi; there is no cure for the disease, which worsens as it progresses, and eventually leads to death. Unfortunately in Sir Cortazzi´s case not yet ………...since he still publishes his ridiculous and infantile observations in Japan Times.

In the early stages of Dementia Cortazzi, the most common symptom is difficulty in remembering recent events, known as short term memory loss.  When Dementia Cortazzi is suspected, the diagnosis is usually confirmed with tests that evaluate behaviour and thinking abilities, often followed by a brain scan if available, however, examination of brain tissue is required for a definitive diagnosis. As the disease advances, symptoms can include confusion, irritability, aggression, mood swings, trouble with language, and long-term memory loss . 
As the person declines they often withdraw from family and society ;…………………..unfortunately for Japan Times readers, Sir Cortazzi have not reached this final stage yet and keeps on writing-publishing.
Now he has become an activist for "combating climate change" . 
Wow……… expert of  anything that connects with JAPAN.

He starts with an insult:

"Creationists, who believe the world was created 4004 years before the Christian era, are like the White Queen.  So, of course, are Japanese politicians who sometimes still seem to believe the myths about the divine creation of Japan and its Imperial family.
Unfortunately there are intelligent and educated people who, while not believing totally impossible things, tend to believe what they want to believe."

He is forgetting that the American-anglosaxon culture and aggression is based upon the rather sick postulate  that " Jesus is ….but not was". 

Any idiot except  Dementia Cortazzi-s know,  that a dead man  is a dead man, and that still today many ignorant educated , western Christians believe  in this bull……….t.
At least the divine Japanese Imperial family is still alive.
And they did not originate from Germany like the Windsors (  ) with degenerative German genes.
Then  Sir Dementia Cortazzi becomes a specialist on Ukrainian-Asian-Russian affairs :

"After Russian aggression toward Ukraine and Russian support for the Syrian regime, which has perpetuated the devastating civil war in Syria, a major consideration especially for the European powers must be to reduce European dependence on Russian gas and oil. Similar considerations applied in the past when the Western powers had to confront the OPEC cartel. Unless effective steps are taken, Europe will continue to be subject to Russian blackmail."

And he goes on:

"Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seems determined to bring as many as possible of Japanese nuclear power stations back into use so that Japan’s economic recovery can be boosted. The economic case is clear, but the environmental and political objections cannot be so easily set aside.
The history of nuclear power development in Japan was not reassuring even before the Fukushima disaster. Tokyo Electric Power Co. and the government nuclear energy authorities have been accused of bamboozling the public with arguments and so-called evidence, which was full of holes."

And he feels he can run-predict-dictate the whole Japanese-world story:

"The new commission responsible for overseeing the development of atomic power in Japan is supposed to consist of fully independent experts not subject to influence from either the government or the power companies.
But Japanese and foreign opinion will require a lot of convincing that members of the commission will not behave in what some observers regard as a traditional Japanese fashion covering up the mistakes of their fellow commissioners and putting loyalty to the interests of Japanese industry and commerce above all else. Individuals have not been held responsible for the deception and falsification that allowed the Fukushima disaster to happen and to become increasingly damaging.
If the risks and benefits involved in restarting Japanese nuclear power stations are to be properly assessed, it is essential for the sake of Japan and the rest of the world that the balance should be set only after a wide-ranging and thorough public debate in which scientific considerations are given due weight and the arguments of those who would gain most from restarting Japan’s atomic power stations are exposed as self-serving."

Well…………….. Cortazzi needs serious medical attention, but not on the expense of japanese taxpayers.
Pay your own bills Sir Cortazzi and do not pollute the japanese public with your silly, faggy stunts , just because you got countless  from japanese teens (F/M) after you were posted  to British Commonwealth Air Forces  in Japan from 1946  and later as British Foreign (later diplomatic) service in 1949 .
It is common knowledge, that the British foreign service was and is popular for fag…..s (sorry gays) and … the russian agents are specially trained in "handling" them.
Gabor Fabricius



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