Friday, Feb 07, 2014, 16:39:14

'Fuck the EU,' frustrated Nuland says to Pyatt in Kiev.

An anything but feminin US top diplomat Victoria Nuland sounds more like a drunken gringo-cowboy in a Mexican bordello after the bouncers threw him out, not being able to pay for the b---job.

We in Tokyo are not at all for or against the EU, except for the practicallity of the Euro when travelling in Europe.

What is interesting is the conclusions that other governments world wide including the EU will make upon the Victoria-US- fuck you diplomacy.

As for Japan we hope that Tokyo will realise that "fuck the Jap" is propably just as common in US diplomatic lingo when no outsiders are present, as "fuck the Chinks" or "fuck the Gooks". 

It is not surprising that the Chinese are listening in and building nuclear submarines as fast as they can.

Looking at the Swiss federation that only works because it is an army, EU should conclude the obvious and get a united European army. 

Even without UK a united defence force with France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland not to mention Poland and the rest of central Europe or assimilated Turkey will make Nato obsolete as that army will become the strongest in the world overnight being able to tell anybody " f...yourself."


Gabor Fabricius



Personally I do not believe that "inside every Gook there is an American trying to get out". Especially not if we compare Gook-girls and Gook-food to US-ones; than it is elementary that Gook men want to stay Gook. Me too. I want to stay Jap.








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