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Ben Hills and The Japanese Imperial Family

Slams Kodansha for backing out of book on Masako

According to JapanTimes Mr Ben Hills author of the book "Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne," lashed out on Kodanshas refusal to publish his book in japanese saying:

"We regard this as a blatant attack on freedom of speech."

He also condemned the Japanese government for exercising "censorship that would be totally unacceptable in any other advanced country" and pressuring Kodansha to surrender. That's a bombastic statement so Ben Hills must be somebody. Looking at his webpage he certainly seems to be a hyperactive and multitalented reporter.He seems to be the spoon in every soup.

Specialised in exposing business and political corruption,a three-continent investigation of a $70 million sting on the Swiss Banking Corporation,exposing Exxon,wartime slave prostitutes,whaling and other conservation issues,Japan-Behind the Lines,revealing corruption at the Tricontinental Bank,campaign against the asbestos industry ,Gourmet Traveller ,Wingspan magazine, Melbourne Good Food Guide,and an accredited restaurant judge.

According to himself: Ben Hills is one of Australia's best-known investigative journalists, the author of two books, a former foreign correspondent and TV producer.

In japan nobody knows him,except maybe the Maggies Revenge Bar gaijin-potheads in Roppongi ,so this noble selfless cultural crusader has taken on to reveal the sinister fudal Imperial family. Very smart-sensational and completely risk-free project.Additionaly also very transparent,cowardly and tasteless . No japanese would sink so low as to profit from the unfortune of the crown prince and crown princess not to be able to get all the children they wish,let alone accuse anybody for the unhappiness of a would like to be mothers trauma.

A trauma similar to any woman in the world being in similar situation. Nevertheless Ben Hills the fearless “Aussi John Wayne” now speaks for Masako,pretending compassion describing the Japanese Imperial House as some sort of medieval prison. And lo and behold! He gets angry that a japanese publisher dismisses his “Masako report” as fiction,full of mistakes,as well as rude and insulting. Basically his book is similar to the junk “John Lennon the homosexual” biography. Ben Hills. obviously does not know the difference between freedom of speech and freedom of lying and distortion. Obviously it irritates this “aussie dildo-hunter” that over 90% of the Japanese love and respect their ancient imperial family and its beautiful genuine shinto traditions and customs as well as most japanese feel real compassion for the misfortune of the crown prince and the crown princess and respect them for coping and bearing their fate bravely.

Ben Hills will never understand this.
That is no surprise coming from a country where the tradition-issue begins and ends with proofing that ones great-grandfather was a convict from the gutters of London . Australia is traditionally and notoriously a racist intolerant society,successfully exterminating one of the oldest human cultures on the face of the planet;separating thousands of Aborigine children from their parents,and by law forcing them into infant-christian concentration camps.Only a few of them ever saw their parents again brainwashed of their mothertoung,customs,culture and community. Maybe Mr Ben Hills should turn his “eagle-eye”reporter attention to that monstrous crime against humanity in his own backyard. We suspect however that this topic will disturb his sunset whishky-soda dinner digestion so if he absolutely wants to rub elbows with royalty he may undertake a spirited report/book on crown-princess Mary.She is australian and very aggressive and outgoing. We can guarantee one thing. It will not be profitable.

Even if Ben Hills will write some truth about pre-princess Mary in Tasmania it will never ever be published anywhere. No money in his pocket. Then maybe a few suggestions for topics that Ben Hills could challenge. The Bali bombing of australian tourists was a crime,however after reading Mr Ben Hill’s writings and his total lack of respecting,accepting and understanding other/different cultures,customs and traditions similar attacks is bound to happen in the future. Australian tourists behave totally different when they are in UK and when they are in Indonesia. They probably feel inferior in some places and would like to feel superior in others.”If you are not better than a nigger what are you better than?” is maybe how they feel. Mr Ben Hills being the prototype of this australian schizophrenic identity-crisis could report on its roots and suggest a remedy. Or he could try his artistic talents on a few Mohammed cartoons in the name of free speach.The muslim world will react in a fashion that even Ben Hills will understand.

Mr Hills!!
Don’t you worry about the Japanese and their Imperial family,they have been around for 2500 years and will be around long time after Australia in its current form is gone. I am european and can care less what happens to Australia. For the last 200 years, we in Europe,have seen countries, empires, royalty, dictators, borders,cultures,peoples,languages religions come and go. In endless bloodbaths or in ignorance and mere withering. Just 500 years ago Europe almost became muslim.

What will Australia bee in 3-4 generations?
Who knows?
History has a sense of humour. To the best of my knowledge Australia has no art,no gastronomy,no culture,no literature,no music,no real identity to keep its society surviving turbulent times. Culturally speaking Australia is not an advanced but a backward country .They can’t even speak proper english that's why there is no literature. In contrast the world have been enriched by Japanese culture bordering the unbelievable. The list is endless.

Zen,Ikebana,Bonsai,Judo,Kendo,Karate,Yado,Sumo,Ko-Imari-Kakiemon,Wajima nuri-urushi,gastronomy-Sushi,Ocha,music-Noh-kabuki,Katana-Gokaden,Hokusai-Ukiyoe,Shodo, Murasaki Shikibu (b. 973) Genji Monogatari-the fist novel in human history , Sei Shonagon "The Pillow Book" (990s) ,Hōjōki (1212),The Tale of the Heike(1371), Ihara Saikaku ,Basho,Chikamatsu,Ueda Akinari,Kyōden,Ikku Natsume Soseki ,Akutagawa ,Kawabata,Kurosawa,Abe Kobo,not to mention Japanese contribution in application engineering in low energy/cost ,user/enviriomental-friendly electric/electronic/automotive consumer goods.

I do not wish to give offence, but relative to japanese culture australian culture is non existent. In 1850 50% of the male population and 25% of the female population in Japan could read and write thanks to the buddhist teragoya.In Russia at that time general literacy was a mere 0.3%. I wonder what it was in Australia and and if they read anything besides the bible? If I would be japanese I would not bother writing all this since:

“The tiger don't care when a dog is barking”: Ben Hills’ latest bark when asked to apologise: The Japanese people have the right to know how their Crown Princess has been persecuted by the Imperial Household bureaucrats, and driven into a deep state of depression. As far as I am concerned, the only apology that is due is that the Imperial Household Agency should get down on its knees and apologise to Princess Masako for its treatment of her.

Obviously an apology from Mr Hills is meaningless.He would not even understand what he would apologise about. He is obtuse, selfconceeted ,frustrated and arrogant. His knowledge and insight is a little about many things, but he can probably say kampai in a dozen languages.

Then again ,in the home of Mad Max,Crocodile-Dundee and Steve Irwin-croc-tormenter he may be considered a cultural asset.

by Gabor Fabricius


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