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Zen In War Book by Gabor Fabricius - 太平洋80年戦争 ガボー・ファブリシャス著

Japanese Symbols: 恩人
Kana: [おんじん]
English meanings: benefactor, patron

Chef Onjin
A Woman's Place: Most of the top chefs are male but Onjin Kim, named among America's 14 best female chefs, says women can hold their own in the kitchen. And she proves it daily at her popular bistro, Onjin's Cafe in Kakaako. ...
"I'm not sure why," responds Onjin Kim, as if the question had never occurred to her. As chef-owner of the popular Onjin's Café near Ward Centre, Kim is one of but a handful of woman executive chefs in Hawaii. Named as one of the "Top 14 Female Chefs in America" by Departures magazine, and recipient of numerous accolades from Gourmet, she also is the most recognizable.

ZME Science
OnJin-gun island will be transformed as a sustainable resort and the masterplan will eventually connect South to North Korea and the airport via the world's longest bridge.

High tech development goes hand-in-hand with Nature!
OnJin-gun island has been earmarked with leisure activities in mind.
All these activities are set to turn Incheon into a major hub for sustainable industries. These industries will be brought on-stream via state-of-the art equipment related to the biomass generation, including the incorporation of hydrogen fuel cells and hydroponic roofs. What will then emerge are still-to-be-finalized new products and technologies and which are expected to be created from a new research and development centre located south of Kang Hwa. However what will definitely take off is the manufacture of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. The planners have obviously not forgotten that old adage – All Work and No Play Makes Kim A Dull Boy! OnJin-gun island is to be to be transformed as a resort second to none. There are plans to connect South to North Korea and the airport ...

OnJin's Cafe - Good Food with a Gourmet Touch at Excellent Prices
This little place has really good food. The menu is not big and has all the bases covered. There are sandwiches, salads, stuff for vegetarians and meat lovers as well and there is a daily special everyday from Monday to Friday. ... The portions aren't big like your usual Hawaiian portions, but it suffices if you're looking for a light lunch, especially the salads. The entree size is enough for me, but probably not enough if you're a guy with a regular man's appetite. Prices are good and it's located pretty close to Waikiki so seriously, no one can complain that it's expensive to eat in Hawaii even if they remain only within miles of Waikiki. ... Quite some time has passed by since my first visit to OnJin's Café. Back then, the restaurant was hidden from view by a parking lot that was often gated. With the surrounding area in the midst of redevelopment, gone is the parking lot and in comes a new street. OnJin's Café now finds itself located on a busy corner and a lot more accessible to the masses. ... The cafe was suddenly closed. ... Thinking about visiting OnJin's Cafe? Check out the full OnJin's Cafe menu to decide if the menu items & prices meet your expectations. When available, we'll provide pictures, dish ratings, and descriptions of each item. OnJin's Cafe prices and menu items may fluctuate by location or over time, so use the following menu information as a reasonable guideline as to what is currently being served at the restaurant.

Onjin (PokerStars) statistics
Statistics includes scheduled PokerStars MTT poker tournaments and PokerStars SNG tournaments. (SNG min. 36 players).


ZeninWar   Zen Naruhodo iPhone iPad programs
Zen In War Book by Gabor Fabricius - 太平洋80年戦争 ガボー・ファブリシャス著