Stimson Fujin Memory Association

Kyoto, formerly imperial capital for over a thousand years.

Indeed a glimmer of civilization in this barbaric-christian-islamic slaughterhouse, once called the 20th century humanity.

A spiritual oasis, surviving the gray, destructive, depressive, greedy, materialism of the western monotheistic world and content with humble enlightenment, in harmony with nature and no ambition to dominating or saving the universe, miraculously surviving the American plan of its nuclear annihilation.

A nostalgic wife saved Kyoto in 1945.

She saved it’s mostly 5-8 centuries old wooden, one thousand plus, Zen temples, Shinto shrines including Rozanji, where the first novel in the world was written by Murasaki Shikibu (978-1014), two religions living in mutual respect for centuries, one million citizens, countless artistic and cultural treasures.

Mrs. Stimson had been in Kyoto on her honeymoon and forbid her husband, US Secretary of War at the time, Henry L. Stimson, to nuke the ancient city. He changed the target to Hiroshima, No.2 on the target list, the last minute.

The city and 100,000 civilians vanished from the face of the planet at 8:15 AM August 6, 1945.

Karma and fate.

Imagine if America would have done as planed and dropped the “gadget”, as they called it, on Kyoto.
America would have become the symbol of barbaric cowardice for eternity.

Thanks to Mrs. Stimson that didn’t happen.
Please support her memorial to be erected in Kyoto.

Gabor Niels Fabricius


Stimson Fujin

Stimson Fujin

Stimson Fujin Memory Association

Gabor Niels Fabricius
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